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No New Posts Material For Roof Cleaning Web Sites ? (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Marketing 1 1203
I was searching Google, and found this It says you must have permission to use these pictures, but maybe if you asked, it would be ok ? Regardless, it shows molds, and it's SPORES !!! This educates the customer, and provides an easy up sell to clean ALL...
No New Posts Sodium Hypoclorite vs Household Bleach (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Marketing 5 1426
Been doing some more reading and google searches and from what I can tell we are spraying what amounts to normal household bleach concentrations. What I mean is that according to the Wikipedia article on SH "Household bleach sold for use in laundering clothes is a 3-6% solution of sodium hypoch...
No New Posts Have faith in your chemicals (Preview) Roof Cleaning Pictures 5 3080
I have been crazy busy lately, but I finally got around to posting these pictures. This is a roof I cleaned in West Chester Pennsylvania. It was covered in heavy moss and lichen. My avatar is a picture of one of the back sections of this roof and you can see how much moss there was on it. It has been quite a few...
No New Posts How long should I expect a roof to stay algae free?  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Shingle Roof Cleaning Training Forum 24 4659
How long should I expect a roof to stay algae/mold free after I clean it?  I know it will happen again but is there a specific time frame I can give to a customer?
No New Posts Zinc Strips (Preview) Shingle Roof Cleaning Training Forum 4 1568
The other day a potential customer asked me if I knew anything about putting Zinc Strips on the roof.  Does anyone know anything about this?
No New Posts Using hot water for mixture (Preview) Shingle Roof Cleaning Training Forum 5 1579
Will using hot water prolong the roof cleaning season? If so how hot should the water be & how do you heat your water ? Thanks Kipp
No New Posts 10 Steps to Algae, Moss and Lichen Growth and what to do about it. (Preview) Shingle Roof Cleaning Training Forum 6 2037
When looking up at their roof, while scratching th​eir head or rubbing thier chin in contemplation, s​ome Homeowners may ask: "What are those darned roof stains?"  “Just what is that black streaking and those disco​lorations, making my roof look so unsightly and un​appealing?” Maybe you,...
No New Posts Night & Day Pics Algae Free (Preview) Becoming a Certified Roof Cleaning Professional 13 3085
Algae Free Roof Cleaning of Bowling Green Kentucky has surpassed 65 roofs this season with a late start of mid-June with mega rain this year. Here is a good sample of the work we do. From night-to-day . Kipp
No New Posts Algae*Free Roof Cleaning Pictures PGA Golfer Kenny Perry (Preview) Roof Cleaning Pictures 5 3149
What an beautiful fall day. It was nice to clean Kenny Perry`s roof today. He lives about 15 miles from Bowling Green & of course near his own golf course. I didn`t get to see him but his wife Sandy is as sweet as could be. We got to putt on his own putting green by his house. He has only made 4 million golfi...
No New Posts Roof Cleaning Long Island NY 516-763-4108 631-433-6449 (Preview) General Public Discussion 1 4684
Roof Cleaning Long Island NY     Charlie's Roof Cleaning,Inc.  P.O. Box 548 montauk Hwy, Bayport NY 11705
No New Posts Shudder Renew extra $$$$  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Equipment 24 4069
I stumbled on to a great way to make a vinyl house that is at least 10 years old stand out. After cleaning it. Paint the shudders with a clear coat that`s for plastic & outdoor use. There is no mess,no taping & it dries like new in 10 minutes. I charged $ 50.00 for 3 sets. Used 1&1/2 cans. Bought a...
No New Posts Roof Cleaning Bowling Green Kentucky 3 in a row (Preview) Shingle Roof Cleaning Training Forum 7 1792
This was one of my sweetest deals this year. I was 15 minutes into this job when the next door neighbor came out & asked me to give her a proposal. She said when can you treat my roof? I said I would work it in with your neighbor`s. They were 25 feet apart. Then the neighbor to the other side of the 1st home d...
No New Posts GAF reply to my "Home Owner" email (Preview) Premium Members Discussion 16 1218
Most of us have seen the tech. bulletin so I didn't include it here. I sent GAF an email as if I was going to have my roof cleaned. They sent the helpful pdf. I'm sure we can use this in some way.
No New Posts Roof Cleaning- Barrel Tile -Los Angeles, California (Preview) Tile Roof Cleaning Training Forum 7 1530
RCIA- where smart roof cleaning happens!
No New Posts Chuck Bergman Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Charlotte and Sarasota County 941-698-1959 (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Florida 0 4684
Bergman's Charlotte County Certified Roof Cleaning​ & Pressure Washing Since 1978 Charlotte & Sarasota County Florida Roof Clean​ing by Soft Washing One of Florida's few "CERTIFIED" Roof Cl​eaners -​index.spark?forum...
No New Posts Thoughts on Tile Roof Cleaning $ Thanks to Apple Roof Cleaning for another job! (Preview) Roof Cleaning Port Charlotte FL 0 3027
First, thanks again Chris for referring me to a job down here in my neck of the woods! I got it and have it scheduled for this Friday! Now, tile roof cleaning. I just ordered some Ammonyx Lo from Lori along with the rest of my stuff. I'm hoping that it will thicken my cleaning solution more. 75% of the "...
No New Posts Rehashing Tarps / VS watering only. By Bergman Roof Cleaning Charlotte Co Fl  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Becoming a Certified Roof Cleaning Professional 22 3936
I got a PM from a very nice, very willing to help fellow professional roof cleaner. The subject of tarping and rinsing was brought up. This is my reply below. He thinks that plants should be watered, before tarps are put over plants. You can read my thoughts on the subject, after having starting out in 19...
No New Posts Photos that show the impact of Algae on a 10 year old roof (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Marketing 8 1640
I have these on my web site. My son Jeremy took them, he does pretty good work. Feel free to use them if you would like. They are pretty compelling images. There is a huge difference between the two. Take Care KIM R LICHEN at its finest, loves to partner with algae. Normal Shingle Granule Composition Roof...
No New Posts Charlotte and Sarasota County Florida - Safe Soft Wash Roof Cleaning by Chuck Bergman (Preview) Roof Cleaning Port Charlotte FL 0 3958
Chuck Bergman Soft Wash Roof Cleaning has been serving Charlotte and Sarasota Counties in Florida since 1991 { Prior to that as Chuck Bergman Pressure Cleaning } With years of experience , it became clear to me that while pressure washing roofs made them look clean, less noticeable [from the ground ]...
No New Posts Certified Roof Cleaning Chantilly VA by American-ProTech (571) 250 9650 (Preview) Roof Cleaning Pictures 2 2407
This Chantilly VA rental property is about to go on the market.  The owner called us from Ocean City MD and booked us for the roof cleaning.  The roof cleaning on this Chantilly home provided instant results as always, using our non-pressure application. It had a dramatic improvement on curb appeal a...
No New Posts Port Charlotte,Fl Roof Cleaning Special for Shingled Roofs Only - Chuck Bergman - Power Washing Home Exteriors as well. (Preview) Roof Cleaning Port Charlotte FL 0 3771
FLORIDA SOFT WASH ROOF CLEANING SPECIAL OFFER: Chuck Bergman : Pressure washing too!Reply Quote More Edit PostPrinter Friendly To increase my shingle roof cleaning in Charlotte County Florida, I am offering a 5% cash discount temporarily. I have been doing SO MANY tile roofs, I want a break from th...
No New Posts Here's a Cape Coral job if anyone wants it? From Chuck Bergman Softwash Roof Cleaning of Charlotte & Sarasoty County, Fl (Preview) Premium Members Discussion 0 569
Chuck Bergman Softwash Roof Cleaning & Pressure washing Here's a roof cleaning job if any of you want it? It's too far for me when I'm this busy. 3836 Surfside Blvd, Cape Coral. Maria Rush 402-305-5420 -- Edited by Bergman Roof Cleaning Port...
No New Posts Pressure Washing & Staining (Preview) Roof Cleaning Raleigh 10 3747
Pressure washing and staining of Swing Set in Raleigh,NC. Cleaned and stained with Wolman Durastain. Coverage #1North Carolina: Cumberland CountyCumberland28331Falcon28342Fayetteville28301    28302    28303    28304    28305    28306    28309    28311    28312    28314Fort Bragg...
No New Posts Radio Commercial (Preview) General Public Discussion 8 2557
Hey guys what do you think of this radio commercial ? Please give me some honest criticing. It cost $ 1400.00 for 60 spots for one month. It`s a popular country music station that has a 80 mile radius. Thanks for your imput. Kipp  .
No New Posts 2011 Radio Commercial (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Marketing 6 1195
Hey guys what do you think of this radio commercial ? Please give me some honest criticing. It cost $ 1400.00 for 60 spots for one month. It`s a FM popular country music station that has a 80 mile radius. Thanks for your imput.  I`ll let you know the ROI. Kipp  .
No New Posts Pressure Washing Your Roof by Chuck Bergman Pressure Cleaning Florida (Preview) Roof Cleaning Pictures 0 2938
I have been a pressure washing contractor since 1978 and cleaned roofs with pressure washers here in Florida from 1989 to 1991. To my knowledge, there was no other method of removing the black algae stains from tile and shingled roofs etc. The roofs came clean, but I sure hated watching the granules on...
No New Posts Venice,Fl Roof Cleaning. Restore tile and shingle roofs By Chuck Bergman RCIA Certified Roof Cleaner Florida (Preview) Roof Cleaning Venice FL 1 4054
Charlotte & Sarasota County Fl Roof Cleaning b​y Chuck Bergman Soft Washing One of Florida's few "CERTIFIED" Roof Cl​eaners -​index.spark?forumID=123190&subForumID=437500&a​mp;p=2 Chuck Bergman No Pressure Roof Cle... ​
No New Posts Englewood, Venice, Port Charlotte Pressure washing and Soft Wash Roof Cleaning brings you "DOG ABUSE" (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - "Soft-Wash" 3 1037
See what you think!​=B6thibEnecc&feature=youtube -- Edited by Bergman Roof Cleaning Port Charlotte ​FL 941-698-1959 on Thursday 12th of May 2011 07:28​:22 PM
No New Posts How often SEO advertisement at RCIA ? SW Florida Roof Restoration 33981, 34224 (Preview) SEO And Websites For Roof Cleaners 6 1248
I am very pleased with the results I see on Google, when I make a post on RCIA. I just wonder, how often is it reasonable to do that? I also wonder, if too many posts, here and elsewhere are made under my business name, will Google see me as a spammer? Thanks, Chuck
No New Posts Roof Cleaning by Chuck Bergman, Also Pressure Washing, Florida, 33981 34224 34223 33947 34293 33950 34231 33946 33913 (Preview) Roof Cleaning Pictures 0 2327
See some of our work photos on Flickr-​57626052643110/  33981 34224 34223 33953 33948 34238 34275 34286 34​291 33983 33952 33981 34224 34223 33947 34293 3395​0 34231 33946 33913 33920 33955 34292 34287 Florida-Roof Cleaning by Chuck Bergma...
No New Posts Roof Cleaning in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan 48323 | Ugly Shingles, LLC (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Michigan 4 2701
We just finished another certified-soft-wash, non-pressure, roof cleaning job. This one is located in West Bloomfield Township, Oakland County Michigan. 
No New Posts Roof Cleaning Coupons for Wilmington, NC (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning North Carolina 0 2579
Roof Stain Removers is offering some coupons for a limited time.  Through 8-31-11 you can get $40 off a Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning, $ 25 off a Non-Pressure House Wash, OR $75 off both services at the same time.  We are Wilmington NC's ONLY RCIA Certified Soft Wash company.  We are also licensed and...
No New Posts Advantage Roof Cleaning Co. (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Illinois 3 4559
Does your roof have black streaks and ugly stains? If so your roof is most likely under attack by common algae officially known as Gloeocapsa Magma. Besides being unsightly and diminishing your home’s curb appeal, it is destructive and costly. We are Advantage Roof Cleaning Co and are the only cert...
No New Posts Roof Cleaning Done With The Roofing Manufacturers Method Only. Charlotte County FLORIDA Chuck Bergman 941-698-1959 (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Florida 13 18265
Florida Roof Cleaning by The Roofing Manufacturers Method Is Not Pressure Cleaning! At Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning, clearly we do all types of pressure cleaning and have done so since 1989 here in Charlotte County, Fl We just don't pressure clean roofing, because it is the wro...
No New Posts Christ United Methodist Church Transformation - Staunton, VA 24401 (Preview) Roof Cleaning Pictures 7 2061
Completion of roof renovation at Christ United Methodist Church Staunton, VA 24401 -- Edited by Roof Cleaning Virginia 540-949-6277 on Saturday 1st of October 2011 08:20:54 PM
No New Posts Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning, Englewood,Fl - Rotonda,Fl - Port Charlotte,Fl - Venice,Fl - S. Sarasota,Fl (Preview) Pressure Washing Forum 0 2314
    33981   33927   33953   33948   33947   34224   33946   33938   34288     34290   33950   33952   33949   33954   34287   34295   34223   33951     33980   34293   34289   34286   33983   34291   34292   33921   33955    WE HAVE HAD A FATHER AND SON PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS SINCE 1994....
No New Posts Central Illinois Cleaning Solutions (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Illinois 0 2822
Central Illinois Cleaning Solutions is Central Illinois only certified roof cleaning company. Central Illinois Cleaning Solutions offers cleaning solutions for the exterior of your home, or commercial business, and specializes in eliminating the “streaking” on your roof. Our ARMA (Americ...
No New Posts Certified Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Midland Park, Bergen County NJ (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning New Jersey 9 3556
  We were able to meet this customers deadline.  He put his house on the market and had a viewing the next day.  We treated the roof for mold and mildew.  We also soft-washed the siding.  Feel free to view this in my blog.  You can comment and submit a link to your website.  
No New Posts Port Charlotte Manufacturer Specific Roof Cleaning Method and Chemicals + Pressure Washing- Chuck Bergman (Preview) Roof Cleaning Port Charlotte FL 13 5388
 We have operated our pressure washing business here in Charlotte and South Sarasota County since 1989. We pressure wash houses, pool areas, parking lots, decking,sidewalks & driveways. We just don't pressure wash roofing, because it's the wrong way to do it, according to the manufacturers...
No New Posts CICS-Youtube Video (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Illinois 9 4185
Nothing special, but it is my first Youtube video. It only took about 3 hours. haha Leaning new things everyday!   Central Illinois Cleaning Solutions Youtube Video
No New Posts Find a Certified Roof Cleaner in York County Pennsylvania (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Pennsylvania 2 2043
Locate a Certified Roof Cleaner in York County, Pennsylvania
No New Posts RCIA CERTIFIED ROOF CLEANING Englewood, Fl 33981,3​3947,33946,33953,33987,33993,33948,34224,34223,339​52,33954,34293,34287 (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Florida 2 5802
34288,34286,34291,34275,34292,33985 Charlotte and S. Sarasota Co. Since 1989 we have operated our pressure washing business here in Charlotte and Southern Sarasota County. We pressure wash houses, manufactured homes, pool enclosures, decking, concrete - driveways, walks, docks, parking...
No New Posts North Port, Port Charlotte, Florida Certified Roof Cleaning Since 1991 (Preview) Roof Cleaning Port Charlotte FL 2 3232
Visit my website & click on "MANUFACTURER SPECIFICS" to see how we clean roofs. It's how the roofing manufacturers say to clean them!
No New Posts Englewood Florida Certified Roof Cleaning by Chuck Bergman Since 1991 (Preview) Roof Cleaning Englewood FL 0 1994
No New Posts Venice, Florida Certified Roof Cleaning, by Chuck Bergman Since 1991 (Preview) Roof Cleaning Venice FL 0 2817
No New Posts Roof Cleaning in Pelham , New Hampshire (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning New Hampshire 5 2912
There are approximately 12,000 residential homes in Pelham NH 03076. One out of every 10 with have some kind of Mold/Algae/Lichen on there roof. These Dirty Stains & Blackened areas that are on your roof is called Gloecapsa Magma. RCIA is the leader in the industry of roof cleaning and has the on...
No New Posts 2012 Season (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Michigan 1 2236
We are the original owner/operator of Great Lakes Roof Cleaning. We were bought out by an Outdoor services company. We will be bringing our expertise and training in soft wash roof cleaning to home owners thoughout Michigan under our new name of Kleen llc. 616-914-9064 -- Edited by Kleen Roof and Ext...
No New Posts Venice, Englewood, Port Charlotte Manufacturer Specific Method Roof Cleaning, Plus Pressure Washing (Preview) Roof Cleaning Venice FL 1 4379
Roofing Manufacturers Say "DO NOT PRESSURE WASH" Please read about my father and son business here at my website-Go to MANUFACTURER SPECIFICS   -- Edited by Bergman Roof Cleaning Port Charlotte FL 941-698-1959 on Saturday 18th of March 2017 11:29:39 AM...
No New Posts Roof Cleaning in Atkinson, New Hampshire 03811 (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning New Hampshire 6 3186
Brian C. Jackson cleaned this roof that had Algae and some Lichen. This home was located in Atkinson NH 03811. The Customer is also having us clean his roof on his lake house.
No New Posts Non-Pressure roof cleaning Plaistow, New Hampshire 03841 (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning New Hampshire 4 2560
Brian C. Jackson went to this home to do a safe-Soft-wash roof cleaning. This roof had Black Stains which is algae that feeds on the roof shingles and shortens the life of the roof.  Plaistow is like alot of New Hampshire towns that are over run with Algae and dont know what it is or what to do about it. T...
No New Posts Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning in Hampstead, New Hampshire 03841 (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning New Hampshire 2 2669
Brian C. Jackson performed a safe/softwash roof cleaning to stop the algae from feeding on this roof. This customer from Hampstead NH found us ,with the help of a google search and after informing them of what they had on there roof and the best way to clean it, they hired us to clean there roof. For more...
No New Posts Safe/Non-pressure Roof Cleaning Litchfield, New Hampshire 03052 (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning New Hampshire 3 4690
Homeowners of this house contacted Brian C. Jackson, a RCIA certified roof cleaner. The homeowner saw that the black streaks & stains were getting worst and they needed some info on what these were and how to remove them. The house was located in Litchfield NH and the roof was approx 7 yrs old. I in...
No New Posts Roof Cleaning, House Wash, and Gutter Brightening 1 Pleasant Ridge Circle, Sugar Loaf PA 18249 (Preview) Roof Cleaning Pictures 5 1857
These Homeowners were delighted to find our ad in the local newspaper. There roof had black streaks, there house was growing grean algae, and the gutters looked like they were falling apart. After Apex Roof Cleaning use the recommended non pressure cleaning method, their home was left looking like...
No New Posts water tanks? yeah we clean those too! (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Pennsylvania 10 3544
Check out the lovely water tanks one of our local municipalities had... They started out dirty.. but now they are clean clean clean!!! Oh yeah ZERO pressure was used!!! Gotta love softwashing!   Roof cleaning, soft wash, pressure washing... we do it all!!!   you can see our employee on the lower right...
No New Posts Certified Roof Cleaning in Cedar Grove | Cedar Grove Power Washing | NJ Exterior Cleaning (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning New Jersey 11 3843
Need a roof cleaning in Cedar Grove NJ?  Got mold on the siding and need a power wash?  Thompson Roof Cleaning and Powerwashing offers Non-pressure soft washing for roofs and soft pressure washing for homes and businesses.  All surfaces and all types of sidings can be gently cleaned using the latest...
No New Posts How to Kill different Moss growing on Cedar Shakes!  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Premium Members Discussion 33 7769
We made quick work of this leptodictyum riparium. This Stringy Moss is a very variable moss, with many forms when grown submersed in cedar shingles. It is found only in the northern hemispheres. -- Edited by Ugly Shingles LLC on Wednesday 12th of December 2012 12:32:36 AM
No New Posts Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Birmingham, Michigan (Preview) Cedar Shake Shingles 0 3513
This Cedar Shake Roof  was cleaned by Ugly Shingles, LLC of Michigan using our Certified SoftWash Solution!  Roof Cleaning Birmingham, Michigan 48044
No New Posts Homeowners Insurance Terminating Policies due to Moss, Algae, & Lichen Growth (Preview) General Public Discussion 13 5660
This is sample letter that many Michigan Homeowners are now receiving, without warning. It is a letter from their insurance company, not threatening but simply terminating the policy. This sample came from a customer that "had" a policy with Progressive for over 13 years. They have giv...
No New Posts Photos of soft wash roof cleaning in Batavia, IL by Advantage Roof Cleaning Co. (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Illinois 8 12081
Did you know roughly 50% of roofs are replaced simply due to their ugly appearance or premature deterioration that could have been prevented! We at Advantage Roof Cleaning Co remove the black streaks and ugly stains on roofs caused by algae, moss, mold, fungus and lichen with our inexpensive and env...
No New Posts Photos of Certified Roof Cleaning in Naperville, IL by Advantage Roof Cleaning Co. (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Illinois 0 2935
Advantage Roof Cleaning Co of Illinois removes the black streaks and ugly stains on roofs caused by algae, moss, mold, fungus and lichen with its inexpensive and environmentally friendly cleaning process. Our services are 100% guaranteed. Go to our web site or give us a call for more information. -...
No New Posts Pressure Cleaning: Englewood, Venice, North Port, Florida. Roof Cleaning Non-Pressure Only! (Preview) Roof Cleaning Venice FL 0 2630
I have been licensed and insured in Charlotte and Sarasota County since 1989. We have been a father and son business, since 1994. You will not get any new guys in training with us! Here is a 2 minute video where you can watch a large portion of this blackened, algae infested,  tile roof come clean before y...
No New Posts Algae Free Roof Cleaning of Bowling Green Ky (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Kentucky 7 8617
This year we started out slow because of the weather, but now we are going strong. Here are some pictures of some of our work.
No New Posts Commercial Roof Cleaning in Michigan - Ugly Shingles, LLC (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning Michigan 14 5440
Here is a condominium complex we completed last week.  
No New Posts Certified Soft-Wash Time-Lapse Video Provided by: Certified Soft-Wash Systems, LLC (Preview) General Public Discussion 1 1966
Check out the Certified Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning time-lapse video. 
No New Posts Roof Cleaning Contractor Reviews in Michigan (Preview) General Public Discussion 0 1491
Here is a new Angie's List review we received this morning. There is nothing more rewarding then reviews like this!!
No New Posts Roof Cleaned using a Water Broom? (Preview) General Public Discussion 7 3082
I was driving around the block today and 3 houses caught my attention! Can you see why???    ** PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDED WAY TO CLEAN A ROOF **
No New Posts Black Stains On Roof (Preview) Roof Cleaning Tampa (813)655-8777 0 3102
Have areas of your roof developed dark streaks or become dark in color?  If so you are not alone.  Many think that this discoloration and roof staining is a result of pollution, dust, pollen or tree sap settling on your roof. Not so! Roof staining is caused by algae growing on your roofing shingles.  O...
No New Posts Best Rated Roof Cleaning Company in Michigan (Preview) General Public Discussion 0 1563
We are proud to announce that Ugly Shingles, LLC has won the 2013 Angie's List Super Service Award!     
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