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No New Posts Good informational website on chlorine (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Chemicals 1 2609
This web site has some good information for people about chlorine and all of its different forms and uses. Brian
No New Posts Rust on a roof (Preview) Shingle Roof Cleaning Training Forum 15 5548
I looked for a thread that talked about rust on a shingle roof--no luck.  I did a roof today that had a lot of run off from the stink pipe and had some good rust still on the roof.  I thought about using some CLR but not too sure about that.  Anyone have any recipes to get it off?  I don't want to leave it, but I do...
No New Posts Zinc Strips (Preview) Shingle Roof Cleaning Training Forum 4 3228
The other day a potential customer asked me if I knew anything about putting Zinc Strips on the roof.  Does anyone know anything about this?
No New Posts calcium hypochlorite (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Chemicals 15 4963
hey guys... is anyone familiar with calcium hypochlorite... it is a very common ingredient in australian chlorine tablets for the removal of mould and algae... anyone ever used it for roof cleaning???
No New Posts Covering half of roof with Love  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Chemicals 25 7337
Hey guys, I have a question.  I cleaned the front portion of a roof last week (Wednesday) and ran out of chemical and couldn't finish that part.  Later that night we had heavy rains.  I rode by this past weekend and the portion we cleaned looked good.  So we went back yesterday and just sprayed the love on...
No New Posts Lori From Pressure Washer Products (Preview) In The Shade 11 3351
Guys, Lori from Pressure Washer Products has gone out of her way to support our needs. Not only does she have Amonyx LO, the new chlorine stable surfactant of choice for a roof cleaner, but most all of what else a roof cleaner needs. her prices are low, and service is great. She supports YOUR Forum too g...
No New Posts REMOVING RUST STAINS ON A ROOF (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Chemicals 19 6521
What is the fastest and cheapest chemical to use to remove rust stains on a roof?  House has stains from a old TV antennae mount, and a vent pipe which has no lead cover over it. Just steel pipe. Stained pretty bad. Can it be applied from the gutterline? Impact on gutters and plants?
No New Posts USUABLE BARREL LIFE OF SH (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Chemicals 11 3612
What is the approx. life of SH in the barrel it comes in? Does the color of the barrel make any difference? It is in my garage which never gets below 35*-40* The first 55 gal drum I bought was in a blue barrel. The latest one is in a black barrel. Does light effect SH and how long will the SH remain useful? With t...
No New Posts AMMONYX LO IN SH BARREL (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Chemicals 3 2780
Just had a thought regarding my other post about shelf life of SH in orginial barrel. Since the new Ammonyx lo is a chlorine stabilizer, could it be added to the barrel of SH to prolong and extend the shelf life of the SH?  Seems like I saw something on here about someone mixed another product with the SH an...
No New Posts Did you know that PWP MANUFACTURES Chemical, too? (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 1 3771
Pressure Washer Products manufactures degreasers, gutter cleaners, hand soaps, odor neutralizerers, D-limonene based products, truck wash soaps, fats oil and grease removers for restaurant grease among many others. Please ask for a free small sample to try out with the next order! Thanks agai...
No New Posts Know your SH is fresh (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Marketing 4 2547
There has beena lot of discussion on how to tell if you are buying fresh SH. Here is the sure fire way to know. Any SH bought in 53 gal barrels, or purchased from pool supply places in 5-15 gal containers that is pumped from 53 gallon barrels, will have a sticker on the barrel showing the lot number. Look clo...
No New Posts Derby City Networking Event (Preview) National Cleaning Expos - NCE Roundtables 9 5913
No New Posts Total Hazards Ratings for SH are Low (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Chemicals 0 2488
Chemical: SODIUM HYPOCHLORITECAS Number: 7681-52-9 The Indiana Clean Manufacturing Technology and Safe Materials Institute (CMTI) at Purdue University has developed a hazard evaluation system for chemicals that produces separate rankings for ecological effects and occupational health e...
No New Posts Certified Soft-Wash Systems - **New Features** (Preview) General Public Discussion 2 3525
#TeamSoftWash   -- Edited by Steve VanOast on Friday 1st of August 2014 09:23:46 AM
No New Posts ATTENTION RCIA & SOFTWASH SYSTEMS MEMBERS - $500.00 OFF SOFTWASH SYSTEM EXP 9/1/2014 (Preview) General Public Discussion 0 3473
No New Posts New Soft-Wash System for 2015 (Preview) General Public Discussion 1 3929
Here is one of the latest designs for 2015. #TeamSoftWash #GetYourCleanOn #LetsSoftWashAmerica
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