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No New Posts what about this one for a roof cleaning pump ?  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Pumps 20 4251​LENE-DIAPHRAGM-PUMP-NEW_W0QQitemZ350148309962QQcmd​ZViewItemQQptZBI_Pumps?_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116#eba​yphotohosting
No New Posts NEW source for AIR DIAPHRAGM pumps for Roof Cleaning Chemical Delivery (Preview) Certified Roof Cleaning - Pumps 12 3705
Here is an Additional SOURCE for Air Daiphragm Pumps in Kynar (PVDF) and Teflon. TEFLON is the most chemically INERT compound known in a man made material and has a "A" rating which is the HIGHEST rating for chemical resistance you can get. Kynar (PVDF) is also very highly resistant to Chem...
No New Posts Check out this Full Cone Spray Nozzle! (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 0 3482
I owe this one to Rick Vergel! We have stocked these nozzles for quote a while.  They spray a full cone shape spay pattern.  The ones in the picture listed below have a very low capacity or small hole size and would probably cause problems for the 12v systems.
No New Posts All-Flo, Delavan and Pressure Washer Trailer (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 19 10109
I thought that I would post some pics of this weekend's project.  Our customer drove down from the snow and rain up North to visit us this weekend.  He brought his brand new Cargo South trailer, his wife and little puppy girl, Maggie!  Thank you for the referral. -- Edited by Pressure Washer Products on...
No New Posts A Few Tips From Pressure Washer Products  ( 1 2 ) (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 24 11288
Always up-size the the hose on the suction side of the pump.  Flood the pump. Use a 5/8" hose with the Delavan 5850 and 3/4" hose with the Faboy. If using the 12 volt pumps, buy an extra pump and keep it in the truck along with an extra pressure switch and fuses. Use a combination filter / regulat...
No New Posts Free Nozzles with Roof Cleaning Pump Purchase (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 3 3734
RCIA members:  We always give you two FREE Spraying Sytems or PVDF colored nozzles in appreciation for choosing Pressure Washer Products! Remember to up-size the hose diameter on the suction side of the pump.  Use a 5/8" hose with the Delavan 5850 and a 3/4" hose with the Fatboy.  Ask for...
No New Posts PVDF NOZZLES! CHECK THEM OUT! (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 9 5912
There are a few manufacturers that make these PVDF nozzles.  The colors make it nice to easily identify them at a glance.  The color is the same for the capacity.  For example, red is a 30. Please see an example of the colors below. -- Edited by Pressure Washer Products on Friday 26th of February 2010 05:...
No New Posts A Few 1" Manifold Reels left at Titan (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 1 4070
As many of you know, we are miles from Titan Products.  We pick the reels up ourselves. Barry Landis was looking for a larger manifold reel without going all stainless.  Chris has wanted this for a long time. Mark said that he has a few 28" stainless manifolds and one 22" manifold.  The reel...
No New Posts Did you know that PWP MANUFACTURES Chemical, too? (Preview) Roof Cleaning Equipment Vendors 1 3689
Pressure Washer Products manufactures degreasers, gutter cleaners, hand soaps, odor neutralizerers, D-limonene based products, truck wash soaps, fats oil and grease removers for restaurant grease among many others. Please ask for a free small sample to try out with the next order! Thanks agai...
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