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Forum: Operating a Certified Roof Cleaning Business
Operating a Certified Roof Cleaning Business

Sticky Topic   RCIA Technical Issues for the next day or so DO NOT BE ALARMED!!

January 14, 2012

Due to some updates that are occurring to make RCIA easier and better to navigate  you may all experience some issues over the next couple days

DO NOT BE ALARMED, Gary will release the members in need of renewal but as of now it is maintenance  & updating issues within the site

PLEASE BE PATIENT!! smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Thank you!!

Kim R


No New Posts   SIMPLE SOFTWASH BUILD offer your advice

May 17, 2016

Hi guys Jason here, I am working on figuring out a basic soft wash rig, and wondered if any of you would share descriptions of how you started your first softwash rig.


I am looking to do an air rig but Im not finding any  directions on how to build but if you guys can help by offering your advice and pictures of your set ups here are areas IM looking for



mixing and storage


air compressors

where to buy the basic hoses and nozzels


Thanks for sharing!


No New Posts   Your logo on a polo shirt for 2.95 - shipped.

September 10, 2011


As long as your logo isn't very complex, this company will embroider your company logo on a polo shirt, AND ship it to you for 2.95.  Not a bad deal for 3 bucks!

The $3 shirt is 'ok' quality, yet some of their brand name products are superb.  The Nike golf hats are awesome and resistant to SH.   I've ordered all kinds of stuff from these folks.

(If your logo is fairly complex, they'll want a set up fee.  The $3 shirt isn't quite the good deal then.)  





No New Posts   Ok I`m convinced about soft wash so how long does it take to learn how to do it?

September 1, 2011

Please no bully boy answers, that`s what spoils forums like this, I`m ready to take the next step away from " the Dark Side " ( high pressure cleaning ) please may I draw on your eminently superior knowledge, and ask with all the different rigs, mixes, methods of cleaning that seem to be available is there one source of information that is the best?

Basically in plain English what equipment do I need and how do I put it on without damaging anything, are there any great videos or books I can buy?

Cheers Lads this is mainly a very informative site somebody is doing a damn good job

Topic is Closed   Our Dear Friend Fred Winters - Services & Update/Send a message or light a candle

December 1, 2011

To those whom have gotten to know Fred Winters and those whom were not blessed to meet him. Fred is losing his battle against cancer and is currently being hospitalized, they are hoping he may have a chance with the assistance of hospice to have his last hours within the comforts of his home.

Fred is a wonderful man and great friend to all that know him. He survived the Vietnam war as a tough green beret and fought hard to take down the cancer that over took his body.

In this time right now your prayers are needed for him and his family and I will be getting further updates from his great friend AC who is by his side right now.  I had asked AC for Fred's address so cards or flowers may be sent. When I have this information I will update.

God Bless You Fred!  




If you would like to send a card or flowers:

The Winters Family: in care of  Vernon (aka Fred)

5463 Joslyn Terrace Port Charlotte Fl. 33981

Fred passed today at 7:07, please take a minute out of your day today to say a prayer for his family if you would.

We  would like to take a donation to send flowers for the services, please pm me or you  can send them direct if you choose to.

I will have updated info for services sometime later today.


Kim R

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No New Posts   Southern New Hampshire/Northern Massachusetts Market

November 22, 2011

I am a roofing and siding contractor since 1988, I have had to add another property maintenance to my remodeling because of the growing problem With Dirty Roofs &  Black Streaks. Brian C. Jackson is a RCIA Certified Roof Cleaner and services New Hampshire. The Mold/Algae/Lichen & Moss is feeding on your roof shingle and will shorten the life-span of your roof. Why take this risk, when you can have your roof cleaned. Brian used a non-pressure / soft-wash method that is the only approved roof cleaning method of the ARMA. Contact Brian for a free estimate or a free-demo. 603-898-0902 or

-- Edited by Mr Maintenance on Sunday 4th of March 2012 06:58:04 AM

No New Posts   2nd Annual NOVA Round Table 11/12/11, Chantilly VA

July 21, 2011

Edited to add details for the 2nd Annual NOVA Round Table to the first post in the thread:


November 12th, 2011, at Wellington's in the Westfield's Conference Center in Chantilly VA.  This is the same location that it was held at last year.  Feeback was very postive re: the facility.

  • We'll have a very informal reception between 11:00 and 11:30, as people arrive from various locations.    
  • Working lunch will likely occur around 12:00, or as people see fit. (Note this is 100% 'dutch' - no money will be collected, so everyone is on their own for tabs.)  
  • We'll continue in to the afternoon/evening and even the night for those that choose to. 

There is room in the side parking lot for rigs for those that choose to bring them. (I doubt if the valets would know how to drive some of them anyway  wink.gif 


(This is the original post).

Hey folks - just a place holder of sorts for now.  November will be here before you know it

and the 2nd Annual NOVA round table will be upon us again.  All you "DeMarVa" folks, PA folks and NC folks, we hope to see you again.  Of course others are welcome as well.

(Mike D - a few folks are REALLY hoping that you'll come........really)

Due to the the high satisfaction of last year's location, we'll look to have it at the Westfield's Marriot Conference Center once again.  We work on discount hotel rates for this fine place as the month of November draws closer.

BTW - no one will try to sell you anything at this meeting.  Just professionals exchanging ideas and information with professionals.  I for one, learned things worth thousands of dollars last year.


//edit// for typos of course....

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No New Posts   Thank You Chris Tucker

November 17, 2011

Just want to say Thanks to Chris Tucker for referring Chris and Lauren Cox of Brenham Texas to me and my Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School. Lauren is a real Estate Agent in Brenham and before that was an Agent in Brandon Florida.  Chris used to clean all the roofs for Lauren when she was in Brandon. 

She recently moved out here and her and her husband decided to start a roof cleaning business.  She contacted Chris and Chris referred them to me for training.  I went over today and spent the day with them training them and there crew on the proper method of non pressure roof cleaning. 

Chris, thanks so much for the referral. I consider it an honor and privelage that you would refer one fo your best "former" customers to me.

Here are a few pic's of the house we cleaned and us at lunch. Also a pic of a butterfly that landed on the roof just as it dried. 

No New Posts   Thank you Veterans!!!!

November 10, 2011

Saying thank you seems so little for the sacrifices made.. I wish there was more to say...



No New Posts   Anyone know reasonable up to date rates for Florida Workers Comp

November 6, 2011

Hi being a Brit workers comp is totally alien to me, does anyone in Florida know where to get it at a reasonable rate so I can employ a couple of blokes?

cheers simon

No New Posts   Insurance wow !!!

October 22, 2011

I`m looking around for some new insurance to softwash rooves in Florida, I either can`t get it at all or the cost is prohibitive, anyone else in the same boat?

I have WC exemption this would be for General Liability, I`m almost to the point of hiring help so any tips on who to go to would be helpful.

cheers simon


Started By: Yorkie

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Last Post: Oct 24, 2011 by South Jersey Roof Cleaning


No New Posts   I must be doing somthing right!

August 27, 2011

I got a call today for a roof cleaning, the home owner  told me that " service magic " was working with him to get me to give him an estimate. Now I don't belong to service magic and I usually just tell them I will call back and I dont. So I explain to the guy why I don't use service magic but get this, he get's another estimate from a guy who tells him his company is affiliated with my company.......... can you believe it? Are guys that desperate out there that they can't stand on thier own? Or that they don't care about anyone even the home owner and will take advantage of anyone.  " I MUST BE DOING SOMTHING RIGHT " !

No New Posts   Anyone got a pricing method for a block of homes tile roof

September 20, 2011

how do you go about pricing a block of 12 single family homes tile roof all around 2500 - 3000 sq ft

No New Posts   Sales lead Plymouth Massachusetts

September 20, 2011

I may have a lead for someone working Plymouth Massachusetts. Please pm me your info and I will pass it on to my customer. I'm only looking for PREMIUM/CERTIFIED MEMBERS

Started By: zjim

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Last Post: Sep 20, 2011 by zjim


No New Posts   Any experience with Roof Manufacturers Algae Resistant Warranty Claims?

September 13, 2011

Well  I've been spending so much time here educating myself on roof cleaning, I figure it's about time to post something.  I'm in Houston, and from what it looks like, there have been a few guys get out of the business lately from around here.  This is a big city and there are over 700,000 homes in town, and most of them either have algae or will soon have it.  Hopefully there is room for one more roof cleaner.  I've been in the roofing business for 27 years and with the drought and economy, we seen some slow months this year.  I've got hundreds of homes that are less than 10 years old that we installed Algae Resistant Roofs that have algae on them and still under warranty (typical manufacturer's warranty for AR is 10 years).  I've started contacting my past customers and have assisted in submitting some claims for cleaning. That is my business plan to get into cleaning and once that is off the ground, I'll try to drum up some other roofs to clean.  Most of the manufactures state they will take 6 - 8 weeks to process claims, in the meantime I'll be building my trailer, setting up accounts with Univar, purchasing equipment /supplies from Bob and/or Lori, spending countless hours on the forum, etc, etc, etc...

Do any of you guys have any experience with dealing with roofing manufacturers (GAF, OC, Tamko & Certainteed) for warranty claims to clean roofs?

No New Posts   Question for the folks with painting companies

September 12, 2011


Colleagues - earlier this season, I gave a Senior a crazy good price on a roof cleaning.  She mentioned some mold/growth on one part of her siding that we took care of gratis while we were there. (I respect the heck out of our seniors, and take very good care of them .)  

She called me today to advise that her HOA had written her up for her siding (?!) and she needed it cleaned.  (We don't even advertise it!).  I gave her a crazy good price on cleaning her siding.  While we sat on her front porch and talked, she asked if we did painting.  We do not...

I thought that I'd check Angies list for highly recommended painters in the area, however; if there are RCIA members or guests, that are painters, and promise to take very good care of this sweet widow, call me or shoot me a PM/Email.  Straight shooters will get glowing reviews from me on Angies List or wherever.  Not to mention will get the job. 

I need names and numbers by Thursday AM.  Thanks!        

//oooops!!  The client is in Northern VA, Fairfax County.//

-- Edited by Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia (571) 250 9650 on Monday 12th of September 2011 07:10:01 PM

No New Posts   Talk Shoe

September 7, 2011

Do we have a date yet for when Talk Shoe will return?

Started By: zjim

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Last Post: Sep 11, 2011 by Central Iowa Roof Cleaning


No New Posts   Check this pic out!!!

September 5, 2011

This was really a weird cold call! Did an estimate down the street and looking at the roofs driving out, wishing I had some rocks!!! ...Seen this roof I had to stop!

 They heard me stop out front and came out. Told them about what has been done to their roof and they swore up and down nobody has been on their roof! Weird? Said they were home and recently had house pressure washed. Nobody been on their roof with a pressure washer. ....

 Was an older African couple, and a gkid round 16. he seen the wand marks on the roof! the older couple didnt???

 I asked the kid if he understood youtube, he said yea, He gonna sell his Gparents! 

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No New Posts   Chlorine strength

August 28, 2011

Can anyone tell me how to measure the strength of SH (chlorine)?

If I buy 12.5 how do I know that's what I'm getting. Same for Annonyx.


Started By: fkt

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Last Post: Sep 2, 2011 by Bergman Roof Cleaning Port Charlotte FL 941-698-1959

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