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No New Posts   Tampa Palms Flat Tile Roof Cleaning 11-6-2014

November 10, 2014

Here is another flat tile roof we cleaned last week up in Tampa Palms 33647

This job had a ton of landscaping and mature hedges around it, so we had to work slowly and carefully, to protect the plants.

This flat tile roof has what are called the glazed ceramic tiles that are very showy and nice looking, when they are clean. But, because of their reddish/orange color, the black algae on them sticks out like a sore thumb cry

This customer did not get a roof cleaning notice from the Tampa Palms Homeowners Association, but he wanted to be pro active, and get his roof washed, before the HOA sent him a notice.

The before and after pictures are in the thumbnails below, and if you click on them, they will expand. They are quite large however, because they were the first roof cleaning pictures we took with a new digital camera we just purchased.

You will see some green mildew we intentionally left behind on his house, but not on his roof! The reason we left the green mildew is because he plans to get his house painted very soon. Any good painting company will automatically include cleaning the house in the cost of the paint job. 

Though we offered to clean the small area of green mildew on his home for free, he declined.


No New Posts   When is it time to get my roof cleaned ?

July 5, 2017



Many homeowners here in Tampa Florida are good about cleaning gutters, or washing off dirty spots on the house, but what about the roof? Most roofs need to be cleaned every few years and rarely are! If you live in a climate with a high volume of rain, humidity, and wind, it can be hard to maintain a clean roof. Being in a city with a high level of pollution or simply living near a highway can also affect how dirty your roof gets. By maintaining a roof cleaning schedule, you can save years that bacteria and algae would have otherwise taken from your roof.


The type of roof you have here in Tampa Florida also affects how often your roof may need to be cleaned. A product that is unlike the rest in terms of cleaning, are composite roof tiles. Specifically, Brava’s Roof Tiles [] are highly weatherproof and made from recycled plastic. This means they absorb almost no water and the changes of algae, mold, or water damage with these roof tiles are next to nothing.


On the other hand, Clay Tiles are a difficult roof material to keep clean. They cannot easily be power washed due to their fragile nature. A powerful stream of water will shatter the tiles almost immediately. However, if you like the look of Clay Tiles, Brava offers composite Spanish barrel tiles with the same look, but far more durable. The composite products also rarely need to be cleaned. Wood shake roofing can be difficult to keep clean as well. It is not as simple as power washing the tiles and can take certain treatments to keep the wooden roof from rotting.  Asphalt tiles are easier than the other materials here in Tampa Florida to keep clean, but after years their appearance can still be difficult to maintain.


3 Signs That You Need a Roof Cleaning


Here are a few tips on what to look out for on your roof so you now it is definitely time to get it cleaned! Remember though, even if these signs aren’t visible to you, if your roof has not been cleaned in several years it is probably time.


  1. Algae: This is most commonly seen in the form of black streaks on your roof here in Tampa Florida
  2. . This is triggered by rain and your roof staying damp. At this point, there is still time for the roof to be cleaned and the shingles to stay intact.


  1. Moss: This is likely if your roof sits in a shaded area. This maintains dampness in your roof tiles and can cause more serious damage if left untreated.


  1. Lichen: This is a fungus that protects algae. This is a sure sign your roof needs to be cleaned, and possible even replaced. Lichen has roots that dig into roofing and break down asphalt. If shingles here in Tampa Florida
  2.  are left untreated, your shingles will likely start to erode.   IMAG0384 (1).jpgIMAG0385.jpgIMAG0392.jpgIMAG0396.jpg

No New Posts   Stone Coated Steel Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

August 8, 2015

You have to know what you are doing, to clean a stone coated steel roof. They can be easily damaged by crude roof cleaning methods like Pressure Washing, and/or improper cleaning chemicals. We actually helped Gerard Roofing Technologies Florida write the cleaning standards for these types of metal roofs.

This stone coated steel roof we just cleaned here in Tampa is what is called a Decra Roof. As you can see by the pictures, this home is located right on a Lake, and the high humidity of this homes lakefront location caused the growth of the black algae, and green mildew on it. 

stone coated steel roof cleaning tampa.jpgstone coated steel roof tampa.jpg

It has been raining here in Tampa Florida for nearly 25 days straight, and we had to get up really early on this Saturday morning 8-8 2015 to get this roof cleaned.

It rained so hard exactly 5 minutes after we finished, that we had to run for our truck, then wait nearly 1/2 an hour to get paid. Many parts of Tampa are flooded, and we had to drive our cleaning truck through a couple of serious puddles of water, to get to this job today.

If you have any type of stone coated steel roof you need cleaned the right way, give us a call at 813-655-8777

No New Posts   Chemically Cleaning Barrel Tile Roof In Tampa Florida

October 6, 2014

Here is A barrel tile roof cleaning job near Tampa Florida that we did last week. This luxury custom built home is 14,000 sq feet, including the 5 car garage, and the owner of this beautiful property is a repeat customer. This one had those wide barrel tiles that are quite common on luxury homes here in Tampa. 
This tile 
roof also had a lot of Copper designer accents on it, so we had to clean slowly, and be sure not to get any of the barrel tile roof cleaning solution on the Copper AccentsIMG_1409.JPGIMG_1406.JPG
 or it could have stripped the Patina. Our customer is a car collector, and had several old and rare muscle cars in the garage. He had a Hemi Cuda as well as a 1976 Trans Am 455 4 speed car that was black and gold, with the big Firebird Emblem on the hood. He is also a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fan, so we talked plenty of football and hot rods, once we got done cleaning his roof. He told me that several Buccaneer's live close to him, in his exclusive subdivision. It feels good when one of our past roof cleaning customers hires us again. We have been doing what we do here in the Tampa area nearly 22 years, and nearly 1/2 of our current business is from customers we have serviced in the past. Though we apply a special roof treatment chemical so our roofs stay clean longer, it is important to kill the Black Algae that is growing on your roof will eventually grow back. The heat and high humidity here in the Tampa Florida area will make certain of that. Our customers home was also right on a freshwater lake, and anytime you have a home on a body of Freshwater, the ambient humidity in the area is also higher, causing accelerated regrowth of this Black Algae

Our goal is to prevent the regrowth of this plant, for as long as our current technology permits. Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate and consultation on all your barrel tile roof cleaning needs.We will answer any and all questions you might have about what is the best way to clean your roof, as well as provide an immediate estimate on what it will cost. 


No New Posts   Cleaning A Big Tile Roof Near Tampa Florida

July 21, 2014

Here is A Big Tile Roof that we cleaned today 7-21-2014. We started this tile roof cleaning at 9 am, and just finished an hour ago. It is now 4.51 pm, and here comes the well known Tampa summertime afternoon rain! roof cleaningphoto 4.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 1.JPG

This was a large 5500 sq ft home, with a lot of tile roof surface on it. We were barely able to get this large roof all nice and clean, before the rains came. 

This whole community in Seffner Florida got letters from their association, and this makes the 15th roof we have cleaned in this subdivision. All these roofs are all tile, and every home in here is 4500 sq ft and up. 

This customer chose us because he has seen our work, and wanted his large tile roof properly cleaned. Our guys had a beautiful view of Lake Thonotosassa from the top of this tile roof. It is one of the larger freshwater lakes in the Tampa Florida area. 

If you have a roof that needs to be cleaned in the Tampa Florida area, call us at 813-655-8777 for a free consultation and estimate.

No New Posts   Senior Discounts On Roof Cleaning In Tampa ?

July 2, 2014

Hello fellow roof cleaners, I recently got this email to participate in a senior discount program from a bank here in Tampa Florida.

Many of our customers are retired here in the Tampa area, so we have agreed to sign up for this. 

To Me
 Today at 10:19 AM




My name is Ashley Venuto and I am a personal banker for HomeBanc. The reason for my email is to find out a little more about your senior discount that you offer.


At HomeBanc we have an exclusive program for our members who are age 50 and up and also have over $5,000 in deposits with us. This program is called the Pacesetters Club. Right now we have over 2,500 members. We have a list of merchants that participate in the program who offer senior discounts. We would love to add you to the list and start advertising your discount. I have attached some info regarding the program and what it offers our clients so you have an idea of what we provide for the Pacesetters Club. This is totally free advertising and we are just simply looking to help the community and grow businesses as well as provide a benefit to our Pacesetter members. If this seems like something you would like to be added to just simply let me know what discount you offer and who a contact person would be and I will get you added to the list today! Remember this free advertising for your company, you don’t even have to have an account with us!


Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions feel free to contact me at (813)549-4697. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.


Thank you,




Ashley Venuto
Personal Banker
327 North Dale Mabry Highway
TampaFL 33609




No New Posts   Cleaning A Metal Roof Near Tampa Florida

July 12, 2014

Here is a metal roof near Tampa we just cleaned this past week 7-6 2014 . She was not a repeat customer, but the roof cleaners she hired a few years ago damaged all her plants in the front of the house.  As you can see, we took the time it takes to properly protect these types of plants.

We clean all types of roofs, shingle, tile, and even metal roofs like this one. Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate on all your roof cleaning needs.

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPG

No New Posts   Tile Roof Cleaners Tampa

June 5, 2014

We cleaned this flat tile roof today 6-5-2014, and we are very happy with the results of this job in Tampa Palms. Few roofs look better, when they are clean, then a white tile roof, and few look worse, when they are dirty! 

This roof cleaning job came to us from a well known Tampa Painting Company. This customer wanted to get his roof cleaned first, before he has his home painted. These folks were very very nice people, and are from one of Tampa's original founding families! 

Despite our "protests" they insisted we eat the deviled crabs they make from scratch, and also served us some awesome home made Lemonaid that was good and cold. It was 95 degrees outside in Tampa today, and probably 110 degrees, up on this roof we cleaned!

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPG


Started By: Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa FL (813) 655-8777

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No New Posts   Repeat Tampa Roof Cleaning Customer

May 23, 2014

Here is a roof in Tampa we just cleaned today 5-23-2014. These folks are repeat customers of ours who used our service nearly 5 years ago. As you can see, they have a lot of trees around, that makes their roof get dirty looking faster then folks who's roofs are out in the open. Our guys trimmed a few tree branches that were much too close to the roof for peace of mind. 

Our customers just bought a 1500.00 BBQ called a Big Green Egg, and they both work for Tampa Electric. They are having a Memorial Day Party, and invited us! They said to being some business cards, because our work speaks for itself. I may go to their BBQ Party, but not to solicit any more roof cleaning work, that's for sure! Currently, we are booked up for 2 weeks solid. 

photo 1 (1).JPGphoto 2 (1).JPGphoto 3 (1).JPGphoto 4 (1).JPG

Thank God it is a 4 day weekend, and Memorial Day is Monday! It has been in the mid 90's here in the Tampa Florida area all this week, with no rain in sight. If it is 95 degrees outside, it is well over 100 degrees when we are up cleaning these roofs! Our guys work hard, and need a little break. 

No New Posts   Avila Roof Cleaning - Tampa FL

May 27, 2014

We were cleaning another roof in Avila, north of Tampa, when this customer saw our truck, and asked us for a free estimate to clean his tile roof. He is an ex Tampa Bay Buccaneer Football Player! Since we were already there in Avila, and done with our scheduled job, we gave him a quote, and he told us to get it done, so we did.

Here are the pictures of his beautiful Avila home, before and after the tile roof cleaning. My Son James Tucker and I are big time Tampa football fans, and he even got an autograph from this happy Avila Tile Roof Cleaning customer.

photo 2.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 4.JPG


No New Posts   Cleaning A Roof On Tampa Bay FL

May 15, 2014

Here are some before and after pictures of us cleaning this roof that was right on Tampa Bay in Apollo Beach,Florida.

The view from the top of this roof was just awesome, and we could see all the way across the Bay to downtown Tampa! 

Our customer just bought this waterfront home, and wanted to get his roof cleaned before the painting of his house. 

He hasn't seen his clean roof yet, since he lives up in Montreal, and will not be flying down to Tampa until this weekend.

We completed this job on 5-15-2014, and like all jobs we do, it came out beautifully.

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 4.JPG



No New Posts   Cleaning Asphalt Shingle Roof In Tampa, FL

May 15, 2014

IMG_0016.JPGIMG_0031.JPGIMG_0017.JPGIMG_0018.JPGIMG_0021.JPGThis makes the second time we have cleaned this shingle roof for this Tampa Florida area customer. These nice folks live in a part of Tampa that has deed restrictions, and a very active homeowners association. They received a letter demanding they get their roof cleaned again, so they called us. We did their roof nearly 6 years ago, so they were pleased that our work lasted so long.

The past 3 years here in the Tampa area, we have had normal rainfall, and that feeds the roof mold (algae). As a result, we have been very very busy lately cleaning roofs, both tile and shingle. Here are the before and after pictures, and as you can see, this job came out beautifully.


No New Posts   Cleaning black streaks on roof

March 6, 2014

The black streaks on your tampa roof are an algae called gloeocapsa magma. This Cynobacteria is transported by airborne spores. Once attached to the roof it begins to feed on the limestone found in your shingles. If left untreated it will continue to grow and spread until the roof eventually becomes black.

This fungus will cause your roof in tampa to deteriorate prematurely and it can raise your utility bill. You should never pressure wash a roof, it will shorten the life span of your roof and cause more damage as well. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa uses a low pressure spray application to remove the algae safely, without damaging your roof or surrounding vegetation.

This happy Tampa customer thought that it was time to replace the roof, because of black streaks.



No New Posts   Roof Cleaned In Lake Jovita Florida

January 20, 2014

lake jovita tile roof cleaning.jpgtile roof cleaned lake jovita.jpg

This job came out really nice, and was just completed 1-20-2014 on MLK Day.

This was a bare concrete barrel tile roof. The after pictures do not do it justice! It takes up to one month for our chemical to really whiten up the concrete tiles, but as you can see, all the black stuff that brought the letter from the homeowners association is gone.

In a month, the tiles on this roof will be so bright and white looking, you will almost need sunglasses to look at them!

We have done quite a few roof cleaning jobs up in Lake Jovita, since we are only 1/2 an hour away in Brandon, and an easy drive up I-75

This was the second time we have cleaned this roof, and we actually did another job up there as well, but the guys forgot to take the pictures!

If you live in Lake Jovita, and want to have your roof cleaned the right way, please call us at 813-655-8777

Though we are from the Tampa area, Lake Jovita is in our roof cleaning service area.
All the roofs we do, shingle, metal, or tile,  are always cleaned chemically, and we never use any pressure washing. 

No New Posts   Tampa Roof Maintenance Program

December 18, 2013



Why clean your asphalt/fiberglass shingles if you don't have to? Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa knows that if your shingle roof is brand new or has just been cleaned, there's no need to wait for fungus stains to appear and take away from the beauty of your home. 

On new roofs, either fungus resistant or not, it's just a matter of time before fungus starts to stain shingles, because the environment here in Tampa Florida provides perfect conditions for the rampant proliferation of air-born fungus. The spores land on all surfaces; on your shingle or tile roof they settle, colonize and eventually can cover the entire area with ugly black roof stains. It's at this point that homeowners in Tampa are forced to hire someone, like us, to clean their roofs. This can be a very messy job, and, although our RCIA Certified roof cleaning process is  the safest way to remove the stains, we don't advise cleaning your roof more than once. Wouldn't it make sense to by-pass the cleaning process by servicing your roof, like you service your car, with regular maintenance treatments? 

THE GUARDIAN ROOF MAINTENANCE PROGRAM, as applied by Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa. prevents the growth of fungus on new roofs, and the return of stains on newly-cleaned roofs forever, GUARANTEED!

Contact Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa 813-655-8777 today for a no obligation estimate!


No New Posts   Roof Stain Removal Tampa Florida (813)655-8777

December 20, 2013

Here is a photo of a roof that we cleaned recently in Tampa Florida. This house also underwent a complete house soft wash, and gutter cleaning.


Several hours later and this home has the look of a new roof. You can't beat the no pressure stain removal procedures used by Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa


Roof stain removal is alive and well in Tampa Florida. Please call Apple Roof Cleaning for a free no obligation demonstration and quote. We will come to your home and show you how we are able to clean your roof with our no pressure techniques.


For more information and to see more roof stain removal pictures from jobs we have done in the Tampa area, please visit our main web page.



No New Posts   Chemical Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

December 19, 2013

Safe and Effective Chemical Roof Cleaning

Many Tampa Florida area residents that have come from the Northeast are surprised by the idea of roof cleaning – and even more surprised by the fact that many deed restricted communities here in the Tampa area require it. Whether you have a Barrel Tile, Concrete Tile, Asphalt Shingle, Wood Shake, or Metal Roof  - The reasons for non pressure chemical roof cleaning include aesthetics, property values, energy efficiency, and increased longevity of the roof.

Whatever the main reason, if you are going to have it done, it is in your best interest to know what choices you have available to you. A quality roof should last upwards of 30 years in Tampa if cared for and maintained properly. Unfortunately, many of the roofs here in Florida are subjected to unnecessary stress while cleaning that greatly reduce the life expectancy of the roof. With repeated roof cleaning comes certain pitfalls that every homeowner and property manager should be aware of in order to avoid damage to property, unnecessary repair costs, and the premature replacement of the roof.

The black streaking typically found on homes is not really caused by mildew or fungus; it's roof algae. 3M scientists have identified the most common form as Gloeocapsa Magma. Algae spores are carried by the wind, which is why so many houses in the same neighborhood can end up with this problem. During the last 20 years, this particular algae strain has become hardier and so has been able to migrate to less humid environments than it has in the past. And in areas where it traditionally has been found, the staining is showing up earlier, is more severe and settles on a greater number of roofs.

Typical roof cleaning methods involve either pressure cleaning or harsh chemicals treatments such as  S Hydroxide (lye). These crude methods will clean your roof with  adverse impact – and the effects are very temporary and will have to be repeated every 6-18 months in order to maintain the appearance of the roof. 

While these methods are effective, repeated use will lead to premature aging and replacement of the roof. The natural erosion that occurs over time from the basic forces of heat, cold, wind, and rain alone are enough to weaken mortar joints of most roofs in Tampa to the point where annual inspections and minor repairs are necessary to prevent significant repair costs. But when the roof is repeatedly subjected to high pressures or harsh chemicals like Lye, the aging of the roof structure is significantly accelerated. At this point, the concrete roof tiles are more likely to shift, slip, or break and asphalt shingles are more likely to become brittle and crack. When this happens, there is a greater likelihood of tearing the roof membrane simply by walking on the roof. Pressure cleaning will greatly increase the chances of this happening. Once gaps are created and subsequent pressure cleaning or harsh chemical cleaning is administered to a roof, these gaps provide water and/or the caustic solutions a path to the roof membrane, and increase the chance of costly roof leaks!


Pressure Washing is much too destructive to the roof surface for this to be a viable option. For initial cleaning,  an RCIA Approved Chemical Roof Cleaning Solution can be used, followed by an application of our Apple Sauce  time released algaecide protection. Of course, proper care is always  taken to protect the landscaping and surrounding property.

The most effective long-tem strategies will include periodic roof inspections, and regular applications of algaecide protection. A proper program of preventative maintenance will eliminate the need for future cleaning and the potential for damage that comes along with it. Most algaecide protection programs will last for approximately 6-12 months before the algae starts to take hold again and then cleaning or reapplication is necessary. High quality treatments like Apple Sauce™  will provide AT LEAST 2 years (24 months) of protection.Obviously, the longer the time frame of effectiveness, the better your chances are of minimizing any unnecessary damage to the roof - just due the the decrease in walking on your roof!

 Treatment programs should be done yearly here in Tampa, and in conjunction with your neighbors whenever possible, applied every 12-24 months in conjunction with a roof inspection, and depending on roof type, and environmental conditions.

Sometimes, these chemical roof treatments can be applied without a need for the Applicator to walk on your tile roof.

Homeowners’ Associations in the area, can take advantage of group buying discounts offered by Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa, that can lower the actual costs by as much as 30-40%. This translates into significant savings for the residents of the Association. For example, if an Association of 300 residents in Tampa can save $100 each, the residents have effectively saved $30,000, which can be put to other uses throughout the community. When combined with the aesthetics of a coordinated maintenance program and the reduction of the wear & tear on the roofs, this is the most logical choice for most Homeowner Associations in Tampa.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Ask about our "Total Roof Care Program" to learn more about how you can keep your roof looking great, 
without spending much money!

 Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa is committed to providing the very best in customer service and property maintenance in the safest and most cost-effective manner for our clients. All of our work is guaranteed and we are licensed and insured for your protection! 
Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation quote!

nav_space.gifnav_buffer.gif nav_buffer.gif

 Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa is an authorized Applicator of Apple Sauce, 
the safest chemical roof treatment availiable !
most effective roof treatment available in Tampa!


For Your Convenience, 
We Accept All Major Credit Cards


No New Posts   Black Stains On Roof Tampa FL

December 18, 2013

A dark stained roof in Tampa is ugly, and detracts from the beauty of your home. Your electric bills in Tampa are higher because of hotter under roof temperatures. Heat increases the roofs expansion and contraction which dramatically reduces its life; and fungus spores growing on your roof in Tampa can possibly contribute to the risk of the "Sick Building Syndrome" (a condition caused by increased levels of algae, mold, and fungus growing in the duct systems of buildings).

People in Tampa who spend time inside a contaminated building begin to complain about allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and headaches. Experts say that the best way to combat this condition is to keep mold and algae spores away from both the inside and outside of the dwelling. How much fungus is growing on your roof? And what can be done to prevent it from ruining your shingles?

Fungus spores require three things to grow: nutrients, moisture, and sunlight (all of which are abundant in Tampa Florida). The type of fungus that grows on an "Asphalt Fiberglass Shingle" is a living specialized plant, that feeds on and destroys your roof! Even the so-called "Fungus Resistant Shingles" are not fungus-proof, here in Tampa.

Call Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa at 813-655-877 for more information.

No New Posts   Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Tampa (813)655-8777

December 5, 2013

Soft Washing Roof Cleaning in Tampa – What it IS and What it is NOT


cleaning roof-001.jpg


Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. It seems to be the NEW Roof and Exterior Cleaning BUZZWORD in some parts of the country these days.

But before you get all excited, thinking you have found "something new", please realize it’s merely another term for the safe, non pressure, RCIA Certified Roof Cleaning we have provided the Tampa Florida area, with for over 20 years.


Simply, Soft Washing means to clean any exterior surface by using a much lower, gentler amount of pressure than traditionally would be associated with a high pressure, power washing company.

In the new millennia however, procedures and methods are changing. There are many reasons for this. Some of these OLD METHODS and routines and chemicals are being reviewed as to their effectiveness and ultimate safety; other methods are now outdated for the surfaces being cleaned, and still others reasons are that new chemical cleaning agent formulations have been developed in recent years that were not available when the pressure cleaning industry first evolved. Still other reasons include change for the sake of liability to the contractor in Tampa cleaning those surfaces and finally, for the sake of the customer getting the best, most effective, safe, “Bang for their hard earned dollar”.

Today, most of the exterior cleaning services performed by today’s experienced professional power washers and non pressure roof cleaners here in Tampa, would fall under the soft washing category.

The reasoning is that old habits and ways of traditional thinking that the term pressure washing are still so widely used in the residential and commercial segments of the markets and  has more to do with its industry term recognition than anything else. Frankly, old habits and old mindsets die hard. My personal definition of the term soft washing is to clean an exterior using 50-to-400 pounds per square inch (psi) or less.

Less Pressure = Less Chance for Damage


Different surfaces here in Tampa require different levels or amounts of “soft washing” techniques and pressure. For example, the proper way the clean a roof is to use low, or what many refer to as “non pressure roof cleaning”. Well, if water is coming out of the hose, or wand, there is OBVIOUSLY some pressure, but the non pressure terminology is used more to stress the point (common sense) that the surface is receiving almost no agitated disruption that could damage the surface of the shingle or remove important UV granules from the asphalt shingle surface during the soft wash or non pressure roof cleaning process. In Actuality, this is still technically classified as soft washing.

As mentioned previously, today’s pressure washing markets are evolving, and so just about anybody who does this type of work on a professional level and has the skills, equipment, and know how, will be cleaning most surfaces using a soft washing method or approach.

There are, however, exceptions to the rule, where using a bit more pressure is acceptable. Mainly these exceptions or occurrences are limited to brickwork, masonry or concrete type surfaces, but even then the pressure is just part of the equation; the soft wash cleaning agents or “chemicals” are the real story.

The evolution of pressure or power washing in Tampa to the modern standard today of Soft washing is all possible via the extraordinary power of today’s advanced chemistry.

Now, in this day and age, there are many high quality, cost effective, cleaning compounds that are available to aid the commercial soft washing contractor in Tampa in cleaning just about any roof or exterior surface. A true, modern, educated, quality exterior cleaning professional in the pressure washing or roof cleaning trades in Tampa, will have a good working knowledge  and an arsenal of many different kinds of roof and exterior cleaning solutions and ways and particular methods to safely and effectively use them in the soft washing process in a multitude of environments and circumstances.

Word of Caution; If you are a homeowner here in Tampa, and you do hire someone to clean an exterior surface around your house or business and they do not plan to use any cleaning solution to aid in the cleaning process, this a sure fire sign that you may be hiring someone that is either very inexperienced and hasn’t learned how to soft wash roof and exterior surfaces correctly, or possibly someone that simply doesn’t care to learn and educate themselves on the current standards of how to clean things correctly, using the most modern, effective and safe methods. Personally, we at Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa are always willing to recommend another qualified pressure washing, power washing and non pressure roof cleaning, or soft washing contractors to customers that are out of our Tampa Florida service area.

No New Posts   Black Stains On Roof

December 9, 2013

Have areas of your roof developed dark streaks or become dark in color? 

tile roof cleaning tampa before cleaning.jpg


If so you are not alone.  Many think that this discoloration and roof staining is a result of pollution, dust, pollen or tree sap settling on your roof. Not so! Roof staining is caused by algae growing on your roofing shingles.  Other terms for this staining are roof moss, roof fungus or roof mold.
This algae is abundant in warm humid climates. The climate in Tampa Florida is extremely favorable for the growth of algae.
This algae is actually a strain of bacteria known as Gleocapsa Magma, and tends to grow on areas of your roof that are shaded by trees or get less sunlight, typically the north and west sides of your home.  Asphalt shingles are manufactured with a granulated coating that acts as a UV shield and protect ant for the shingle.  These granules also happen to be a favorite
food for the Gleocapsa Magma (algae).  If not properly removed, roof algae will consume and dislodge the protective granules
leaving the asphalt shingle unprotected and venerable to deterioration.  This will eventually lead to early roof failure and the
need to replace your shingles years before the suggested life of the shingle has been exhausted.
Our roof cleaning process costs a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

The darkened areas of your roof caused by algae growing on your shingles or tiles will absorb more heat from the sun’s rays.
This increases the heat in your attic, causing your air conditioning system to work harder to cool your house,
therefore increasing your utility bill.  Once the dark stains are removed, the roof will attract less heat, which will result in spending less to cool your home.

Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa  can make your roof look new again, while extending the life of your shingles, or barrel tiles

tile roof cleaning tampa after cleaning.jpg

We use a non-pressure process to apply our roof cleaning solution.  We use no more water pressure than what typically
comes from your water hose.  A pressure washer should never be used to clean your roof.  The high pressured stream
of water produced by a pressure washer will dislodge large quantities of the protective granules covering your shingles and
leave your shingles vulnerable to the elements can also break tiles.  This will lead to early roof failure and void any warranty that you may have
on your shingles.  Once applied, our roof cleaning solution will remove the darkest roof stains in minutes.
Apple Roof Cleaning Of Tampa 813-655-8777 only uses chemicals approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association (ARMA).

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