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Roof Cleaning New Tampa
Certified Roof Cleaning New Tampa FL
Roof Cleaning Tampa (813)655-8777

No New Posts   Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa

January 11, 2011

Here we are doing a Tile Roof Cleaning in Tampa for a repeat customer in Tampa Palms.
Tile Roofs in Tampa do not stay clean as long as shingle roofs do, unfortunately.
Tampa Palms was getting roof cleaning letters, and we wound up doing one of the neighbors Barrel Tile Roof. The neighbor had some Tampa Roof Cleaning Company clean her tile roof, and give her a 10 year warranty, LOL
Needless to say, the fly by night roof cleaning company flew the coop, after they stole business from honest people cleaning roofs.
Here are some Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning pictures.

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Services Tampa FL

January 11, 2011

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa offers award winning roof cleaning services for the entire Tampa Florida area. Here are a few Tampa Roof Cleaning pictures of homes we have cleaned in the past. If you would like a free estimate on our Tampa Roof Cleaning Service, call us at 813 655 8777 today.

No New Posts   Cleaning Roof Tampa Florida

January 10, 2011

Here we are cleaning a roof in Tampa. This roof cleaned up real nice. Our Customers bought this home on a Foreclosure, and it had been neglected for many years. After we cleaned the roof, they hired a tampa painting contractor to paint the home.

No New Posts   Cleaning Big Tampa Roof

October 16, 2010

Cleaning Big Tampa Roof

Here is a pretty big roof cleaning in Tampa we did some time ago.
This customer was a friend of a friend from Tampa Boxer Rescue who rescues orphaned dogs!
It was 5200 sq ft asphalt shingle roof w/ a large garage, pretty steep roof too, and filthy yawn
Our Tampa Roof Cleaning Customer was very happy smile.gif Look at the Yamada Roof Cleaning Pump shoot across this huge roof roof cleaning
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version    Name: kevin 020.jpg  Views: 46  Size: 189.9 KB  ID: 6137 Click image for larger version    Name: kevin 018.jpg  Views: 40  Size: 133.4 KB  ID: 6138 Click image for larger version    Name: kevin 010.jpg  Views: 43  Size: 249.4 KB  ID: 6139 Click image for larger version    Name: kevin 015.jpg  Views: 44  Size: 174.4 KB  ID: 6140

No New Posts   Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning

October 16, 2010

Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning

Here are some Non Pressure Tile Roof Cleaning smile.gif pictures of a steep tile roof in Tampa. Oh, my cousin is shooting part of the step tile roof from the ground.
I ran the roof cleaning truck over our spray apparatus. yawn
So, we "improvised" Remember, we were in Avila, a very affluent deed restricted community north of Tampa, FL.
It was getting late, and they have RULES in Avila.
There is what we call the "Thirteenth Commandment"
That is "Thou shalt NOT work past 6 pm in Avila" no

It was 2.30, so we "enlisted" an old grass spray nozzle the customer had lying around!

My cousin is using it. roof cleaning

Shoots OK, not as good as our regular stuff, but sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.

Another reason we like to see tile roof cleaners use high GPM pumps.

It opens up a whole new world of spray possibilities.

My cousin used the shower head pattern to do most of this tile roof.

From this tile roof cleaning, we did 3 other customers in Avila.

Two customers were drive by's who said they wanted their tile roofs to look like that.

The other customer was a neighbor.

Unfortunately, the battery in the digital camera died, and I didn't get any good after pictures.

If you want to be a roof cleaner in Tampa, you must learn how to safely clean tile roofs.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version    Name: photo_0020.jpg  Views: 7  Size: 22.3 KB  ID: 7248 Click image for larger version    Name: photo_0021.jpg  Views: 10  Size: 23.2 KB  ID: 7249 Click image for larger version    Name: photo_0022.jpg  Views: 6  Size: 24.1 KB  ID: 7250 Click image for larger version    Name: photo_0024.jpg  Views: 10  Size: 24.8 KB  ID: 7251

No New Posts   I Walked Right Off A Roof in Tampa

October 15, 2010

I Walked Right Off A Roof In Tampa

Once, my boy and I were up cleaning a HUGE shingle roof in a ritzy Tampa Florida subdivision.

Our old Box Truck had two reels/pumps, and we had our ground man down below.
My Son whispered "Dad, check THIS out!

A College age girl, and her very fit Mom were next door Sun Bathing.
I will leave the rest up to your imagination, but let's just say I was "captivated" ?

To make a long story short, I was spraying while walking backwards, and looking at the scenery, and walked myself right off the roof in Tampa!

I landed in a big Viburnum hedge, thank God, but couldn't walk for a week!

I can share some other true, but funny stories about some of my "adventures" in Tampa roof cleaning.
roof-cleaning-tampa's videos on Dailymotion

No New Posts   Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa

October 15, 2010

Cleaning Tampa Tile Roof

Award Winning Roof Cleaning by Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa
Here are a few more examples of our AWARD WINNING Non Pressure Tile Roof Cleaning in the Tampa, Florida area performed by Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa.  All tile roof cleaning work was performed using "SUPER SERVICE"! icon14.gif

No New Posts   Hillsborough County Florida - Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

October 15, 2010

Hillsborough County Florida Roof Cleaning/Tampa FL

This roof was a dirty bird!

A small 1400 sq. ft. residential home, but the roof was much more algae infested than we've seen in a long time.

This tampa roof cleaning actually went quite smoothly and it cleaned up extremely well. This tampa neighborhood is currently receiving letters from the home owner's association for dirty roofs and some general exterior property cleaning, so hopefully we'll land a few more roofs and some concrete driveway and sidewalk cleaning as well.

Residential roof cleaning in tampa has been blowing up lately, but the commercial roof cleaning has been kind of dry.

Most roofs in tampa are filthy, due to the large amount of rainfall tampa got last winter.

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Service Tampa (813) 655-8777

October 14, 2010

Roof Cleaning Tampa

Here are some zip code areas Apple Roof Cleaning (813) 655-8777 provides services in.
  • 33602 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33603 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33604 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33605 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33606 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33607 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33609 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33610 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33611 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33612 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33613 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33614 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33615 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33616 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33617 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33618 - Roof Cleaning Carrollwood
  • 33619 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33620 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33621 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33624 - Roof Cleaning Carrollwood
  • 33625 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33626 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33629 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33634 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33635 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33637 - Roof Cleaning Tampa
  • 33647 - Roof Cleaning Tampa

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Tampa

October 6, 2010

Roof Cleaning Tampa

.APPLE ROOF CLEANING OF TAMPA, FL ... 813 655 8777 won the Brandon Florida Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award for 2002.
APPLE ROOF CLEANING OF TAMPA FLORIDA also was among the 3 finalists for this award in 2001.
We are the #1 roof cleaning company in the Tampa, FL area.
We are honored that our tampa roof cleaning company was featured on a Brandon, Florida bank sign !

The Brandon Florida Chamber of Commerce can be reached at 813 689 1221
Republic Bank of Brandon, FL is at 813 654 8455

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa is also involved in charity work in the Tampa Bay area.
Our roof cleaning trucks cleaned the Brandon Florida Outreach Clinic's roof, and the Emergency Care Help Orginization Building.

APPLE ROOF CLEANING  TAMPA  been featured in several local and national newspaper and trade publication articles on Safe Roof Cleaning.

Call us at 813 655 8777 for the best in Tampa Roof Cleaning !

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Tampa

October 6, 2010

Here are a few Roof Cleaning Tampa pictures,  of roofs we did these past few weeks in the Tampa, FL area. ( 10 - 9 - 2010 ) It has just started to cool off here in Tampa, making roof cleaning a lot easier. Tampa had a lot of rain last winter, and the roofs here are filthy.
It seems like every roof you look at here in Tampa needs a good roof cleaning.

No New Posts   Cleaning Roof Tampa

October 6, 2010

Here we are out cleaning a roof in tampa again. These roofs were located in the Westchase part of Tampa. The Tampa traffic was really bad that day, and we had a lot of roofs to clean, our roof cleaners were beat.  The Westchase Homeowners Association Roof Cleaning Letters were sent out, and several of our past roof cleaning customers in that part of Tampa needed us again to re clean their roofs.

No New Posts   Shingle Roof Cleaning Tampa

October 6, 2010

Safe Shingle Roof Cleaning for Tampa Florida

You have a warranty on your roof shingles, and choosing the wrong roof cleaning method can void this warranty, and ruin your roof.

All non pressure roof cleaning in tampa is not the same.

We see dangerously strong chemical solutions being used by tampa roof cleaning companies that lack our experience and equipment.

These strong chemical solutions can cause just as much harm as pressure cleaning.

Our Roof Cleaning System complies with the recommendations of the  Guidelines of the Roof Cleaning Institute  for Safe Roof Cleaning.

It is guaranteed in writing not to damage your shingles.

We are the largest Roof Cleaning company on Florida's West Coast, with offices in Tampa.

Roof cleaning is what we do, and we like to think we do it better.

We are better equipped, because we are specialists.

Look at one of our trucks in the picture below, see the size of that huge tank in the back ?

The RCIA method we use requires the application of a lot of a very weak chemical solution so as not to remove the ceramic granules from your shingles.

To apply a lot of a weak solution, you must have a large tank to hold a lot of solution.

We are properly equipped to do it right.

You dont want to ruin your roof, do you ?

Because our business is cleaning roofs in tampa, not cutting grass, pulling teeth, or putting up Christmas lights, we are properly equipped to do it right.

You wouldnt expect good chicken from Burger King, so why trust your roof to some company that cleans a roof every now and then?

Roof cleaning in tampa is our full time business, not something we do when there's no grass to cut, or pressure cleaning to do.

We clean more roofs in a month, than most do in a year.

We know how to do it without ruining your roof.

We learned long ago that roof cleaning is not a one man job.

All our trucks have 2 man crews for everyones safety.

Only one person cleaning your roof is an invitation for disaster.

They cant see, or do anything about the inevitable overspray getting on plants, your paint, or your neighbors property.

By the time they get done spraying your roof, and get back down on the ground, the damage is already done, its too late to rinse it off.

Just covering the plants cant account for the unpredictable effects of the wind, and chemical run off patterns !

Roof cleaning just isnt a one man job .

Why fool around and take a chance of ruining your roof ?

Call us and be sure of having it done the right way by Roof Cleaning Professionals.

We will gladly show you the RCIA guidelines we proudly adhere to before we start the job.

Our roof cleaning systems kill and remove the dirt and Algae from your roof.

Then our exclusive time released algaecide keeps your roof clean longer.

Get it done right.

Why would you settle for less ?

We will meet or beat any written estimate for comparable roof cleaning in tampa.

Tampa area customers call 813 655 8777

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Service Tampa Florida Service Area

September 9, 2010

Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa offers non pressure roof cleaning service for the following areas and zip codes. Here are some before and after pictures of our Non Pressure roof cleaning work. All these roofs are in the Greater Tampa Bay area, and were all cleaned using absolutely no pressure.

  • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Service Areas
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Apollo Beach Florida 33572
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Avila Florida 33613
    • Roof Cleaning Beach Park Florida 33609-33629
    • Roof Cleaning Belleair Beach 33786
    • Roof Cleaning Belleair Bluffs 33770
    • Roof Cleaning Belleair Shores 33786
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Bloomingdale Florida 33596
    • Roof Cleaning Boca Ciega
    • Roof Cleaning Boyette Springs 33569
    • Roof Cleaning Bradenton FL 34201-34212, 34280-34282
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Brandon FL 33508-33511
    • Roof Cleaning Carrollwood 33624
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Cheval FL 33549
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Citrus Park 33625
    • Roof Cleaning Clair Mel City 33619
    • Roof Cleaning Clearwater 33755
    • Roof Cleaning Crystal Beach 34681
    • Roof Cleaning Dover 33527
    • Roof Cleaning Drew Park Florida 33607 – 33614
    • Roof Cleaning Dunedin Florida 34697, 34698
    • Roof Cleaning Durant Florida 33530, 33567
    • Roof Cleaning Feather Sound Florida 33762
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Fish Hawk Ranch Florida 33547
    • Roof Cleaning Gibsonton Florida 33534
    • Roof Cleaning Gulfport Florida 33707
    • Roof Cleaning Harbor Bluffs 33770
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Hunter’s Green Florida 33647
    • Roof Cleaning Hyde Park Florida 33606
    • Roof Cleaning Indian Rocks Beach 33785
    • Roof Cleaning Innisbrook Florida 34684
    • Roof Cleaning Lake Magdalene 33612, 33613, 33618
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Lakeland Florida 33801
    • Roof Cleaning Lakewood Ranch 34202
    • Roof Cleaning Land O’ Lakes 34639 Florida
    • Roof Cleaning Largo Florida 33770
    • Roof Cleaning Lithia Florida 33547
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Lutz Florida 33548, 33549
    • Roof Cleaning Madeira Beach 33708
    • Roof Cleaning Mango Florida 33550
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning New Tampa Florida 33647, 33544
    • Roof Cleaning Odessa Florida 33556
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Oldsmar Florida 34677
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Palm Harbor 34682, 34685
    • Roof Cleaning Palma Ceia Florida 33609
    • Roof Cleaning Plant City Florida 33563
    • Roof Cleaning Redington Beach Florida 33708
    • Roof Cleaning River Hills Florida 33596
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Riverview Florida 33568, 33569
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Ruskin Florida 33570
    • Roof Cleaning Safety Harbor Florida 34695
    • Roof Cleaning Saint Petersburg Florida 33713
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Sarasota Florida 34230 – 34243
    • Roof Cleaning Seffner Florida 33583, 33584
    • Roof Cleaning Services for Tampa
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Sun City Center Florida 33570
    • Roof Cleaning Tarpon Springs Florida 34688
    • Roof Cleaning Temple Terrace Florida 33617
    • Roof Cleaning Thonotosassa Florida 33592
    • Roof Cleaning Tierra Verde Florida 33715
    • Roof Cleaning Town-’N’ Country Florida 33615
    • Roof Cleaning Treasure Island Florida 33706
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Valrico Florida 33596
    • Roof Cleaning Wesley Chapel FL 33543
    • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Westchase 33626 FL
    • Roof Cleaning Ybor City Florida 33605
    • Roof Cleaning Zephyrhills Florida 33542

These are just a few areas we offer Non Pressure roof cleaning service in. Call us at 813 655 8777 to see if we offer service your area, and to receive a free estimate and consultation. We are fully licensed and insured, and our Non Pressure roof cleaning service is guaranteed to make you happy.

No New Posts   Tampa Homeowner Association Roof Cleaning Group Rate Project

August 30, 2010

Here are some roof cleaning pictures of a Tampa Homeowner Association Group Rate Project. We did a large number of roofs in this Tampa Subdivision under a special group rate. In return for cleaning a large number of roof cleanings, we gave the Tampa Homeowner Associations a special Group Rate on their roof cleaning.
roof-cleaning-tampa's videos on Dailymotion

No New Posts   Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa

August 30, 2010

Here are some recent Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Tampa Pictures.
This shingle roof is in The Country Way subdivision of Tampa.
Our roof cleaning customer is a well known Tampa Radio Personality.
He did a search for non pressure roof cleaning in Tampa, and had the good fortune to find us. As you can see by the roof cleaning pics, this job came out wonderful. We love cleaning all roofs, especially when they have a beautiful but dirty roof like this one did.
This Non Pressure Roof Cleaning customer was so happy, he gave us free tickets to a Tampa Pre Season Football game, for making his roof look so good biggrin

No New Posts   Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

August 30, 2010

Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

This is a Tampa Palms Tile Roof Cleaning we did a few weeks ago. It has been raining in Tampa a lot lately, hard to get any roof cleaning done. We used the new surfactant on this tile roof cleaning, and it came out great. This Tampa Palms neighborhood had a lot of dirty tile roofs, and we wound up doing a few of them too, just not the same day. We were lucky to get this tile roof cleaning done before the torrential rains hit Tampa biggrin

No New Posts   Cleaning Tile Roof Tampa Florida

August 30, 2010

Here are some pics of us cleaning a Tile Roof in Tampa Florida, our hometown.
Tile roofs can be really slick, especially after all the rain we have had lately here in Tampa. Our non pressure roof cleaning mix used Apple Butter to minimise run off.
We had to go over this tile roof cleaning 3 times to make certain all the tile edges were spotless. This tile roof cleaning customer got a letter from his Tampa Homeowners Association, and found us in a google search for tile roof cleaning in tampa florida. Lucky for him !

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Tampa

August 30, 2010

Here is a recent Tampa Roof Cleaning we did. It has been raining here in Tampa Florda lately, and we are backed up with roof cleaning work. We can't clean roofs when it is raining. This roof is in Westchase, a large subdivision in Tampa. They got a clean your roof or else letter from their Westchase Homeowners Association. They asked around, and were referred to us by some neighbors we cleaned roofs for some years ago.

No New Posts   Tampa Roof Cleaning Weather Report

July 29, 2010

Our Tampa Roof Cleaning guys can not clean tile or shingle roofs in the rain.
Here is a link to Klystron 9 Radar here in Tampa, Florida.
It is the most powerful weather radar in Tampa, and maybe even the entire USA.
This is the Tampa FL Weather Radar we rely on for scheduling Roof Cleaning in Tampa.

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