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No New Posts   Tampa Roof Cleaner Reviews

July 6, 2012

We are proud of our A+ BBB Rating. We are not always "perfect", but when we make mistakes, we take care of them. Fortunately, after nearly 20 years of cleaning all types of roofs in the greater Tampa Florida area, mistakes we make are few and far between. 

Here are a few reviews our peers in the business left for us, that we are very proud of. 

We found 1 review from Yahoo! Local, 10 MerchantCircle reviews

Reviews found as of January 08, 2011


Pioneer in the Industry

Great company and a Big Role in modern roof cleaning.


by Northern Neck Property Services in Montross, VA on February 23, 2011


Landis Roof Cleaning

Chris is a true Pioneer of the trade

Chris is a true professional in the trade. With his wealth of knowledge in roof cleaning you will feel confident you made the right decision in hiring Apple Roof Cleaning as your roof cleaning contractor.


by Landis Roof Cleaning in Birdsboro, PA on January 09, 2011



Godfather of Roof cleaning

Chris Tucker of Apple Roof Cleaning in Tampa is the "Godfather" of Roof Cleaners. He has taught hundreds of successful companies how to safely and effectively clean roofs! You can trust this Company, he puts all of his customers first!! After all, he is the pioneer in this industry.


by Dwayne Miller in Fruitland Park, FL on January 08, 2011



Master of Roof Cleaning

Apple Roof Cleaning is the master of roof cleaning. They do great work and Chris is a hoot!


by Anonymous on January 08, 2011



Excellent Job

This company knows what they are doing, I never had a clue as to what would be involved and everything was explained to me. Chris was very helpful and not pushy like some estimates I had got. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of getting there roofs cleaned. I am sending him to do my daughters house next week. Great choice.


by LadyBella in Bradenton, FL on January 01, 2011


Elite Roof Cleaners

Apple Roof Cleaning has trained thousands on proper roof cleaning methods

Apple Roof Cleaning, The leader in Non pressure roof cleaning,
Please take the time to read Apple Roof Cleaning blogs and you will quickly see why they are the Leader...


by Elite Roof Cleaners in Springfield, MO on November 28, 2010


Roof Cleaning by American-ProTech,  Northern Virginia's Leading Roof Cleaning Company.

Apple Roof Cleaning is THE industry leader, bar none.

Chris Tucker of Apple Roof Cleaning is one of the founders of the no-pressure roof cleaning process. As the President of the Roof Cleaning Institute of America, he has trained hundreds of newer roof cleaning companies, including my own, in this highly unique field. If you're in the greater Tampa area then Apple Roof Cleaning is the ONLY logical choice for your roof cleaning needs, both residential and commercial.




Excellent Business & Very Knowledgable !!

Chris Tucker the owner took the time to educate us to the whole process and every question was answered without hesitation. We would highly recommend this company to clean your roof.
Apple was worth the few extra bucks as opposed to the other contractor who didn't seem to care as much.


by Anonymous on August 06, 2010


Midtown Service Solutions

Chris Tucker - Apple Roof Cleaning

Chris Tucker, owner of Apple Roof Cleaning leads the Roof Cleaning Institute of America and may possibly know more about no pressure safe roof cleaning than anyone in America.


by Midtown Service Solutions in Wake Forest, NC on May 12, 2010




Very fast and professional service. I would recommend using Chris at Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning again and again! Also very reasonably priced...


by Bob Ensite in Tampa, FL on March 04, 2010


Merchant Ratings Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning of Tampa was suggested to

Apple Non Pressure Roof Cleaning of Tampa was suggested to us by our neighbors.
We live in the Reserve at Tampa Palms, and have a large 2 story home with a Terra Cotta colored barrel tile roof.
We had our tile roof cleaned before using ...

04/15/2008 by Tampa Palms Patty at Yahoo! Local

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Apple Roof Cleaning
Average rating:4.7
Rating Count: 11
We try and treat every customer like they are family, and will go the extra mile to make sure our customers are delighted with our service.
After nearly 20 years of doing what we do, most of our customers are people who have used us before, or word of mouth referrals from past happy users of our service.

No New Posts   Cleaning A Barrel Tile Roof In Tampa

July 2, 2012

Here we are cleaning a barrel tile roof in the Carrollwood section of Tampa.

Carrollwood has plenty of slippery tile roofs, like this one was. We had a recent tropical storm effect the weather here in Tampa. We were rained out, and unable to clean for almost a week! 

But these customers were patient (they were cleaned by us 4 years ago), and realized we could not clean any roofs, especially a barrel tile roof, in the rain!

We love cleaning after a bunch of rain. All the plants are well watered, and not thirsty. Thirsty plants drink up the tile roof cleaning chemicals. They can't tell the difference between the cleaning chemicals, and water!

This is why you need always tell your customers to water all plants and grass around the house, the night before you come to service them. 

The last thing you want or need is dry parched ground, and thirsty plants!

No New Posts   Non Pressure Washing Tile Roof Tampa

July 3, 2012

 We NEVER Pressure Wash any tile roof, no matter what. 

The black discoloration you see on your tile roof is not dirt. Actually, there is very little dirt and atmospheric pollutants on your roof at all. The discoloration you are seeing is a plant that has taken root, and is growing on your roof tiles. Pressure Washing does not kill this plant, it simply blasts it, and it's still living spores everywhere, where it will quickly grow right back!

It is not unusual for a person who was foolish enough to pressure clean their tile roof, to have to clean much of the home later on. The plant that was removed by the pressure cleaning and spread everywhere, has now started growing on the home, sidewalks, and driveway!

Here are some other dangers you face, if you elect to have your tile roof cleaning done with high pressure washing.

Pressure Cleaning a flat cement tile, ceramic tile, or barrel tile roof, will often break or damage your tiles. 
Pressure washing a tile roof requires walking all over it. 
If all that walking around doesn't bust up your roof tiles, the high pressure certainly can. 

Just try and get an inexpensive Tampa Roofing Contractor to replace roof tile, and/or do leak repair to the underlying roofing membrane ! 

Try this test, stand on a ladder with a pressure washing wand in hand and pull the trigger. 
The high pressure can knock you right off the ladder! 
Imagine what that harmful pressure washing is doing to your tiles, and/or your roof membrane ? 

The surface cleaning devices used by some Tampa Pressure Washing company's aren't any better. 
They were designed for pressure cleaning parking lots and driveways. 
They are just a pressure washing contraption with their own set of problems. 
They are designed to "ride on air" on a flat surface. 
A barrel tile roof is not a flat surface, and as the surface cleaner passes over the tiles, it can easily smack into the edges of them like a sledgehammer, causing breakage. 

We have been cleaning tile roofs in the Tampa Florida area w/o using any pressure for nearly 20 years.

Call us for a free estimate and consultation at 813 655 8777

No New Posts   Steep Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

July 2, 2012

This shingle roof we cleaned was in the Cheval Golf Community, just north of Tampa in Lutz, Florida.

It belongs to a well known Tampa Doctor. (he rents it out)

It was steep, and missing granules from the roof, so we shot much of it from 40 ft ladders.

Steep Shingle Roofs that have granules missing like this one can kill you! 

The home really needs a roofing contractor to replace the roof, but the owner wanted to buy a year or so before replacement, and satisfy the Cheval Homeowners Association, who sent him a letter.


No New Posts   Roof Cleaning In Tampa

June 5, 2012

Here is a big South Tampa Roof (9500 sq ft) we cleaned recently.  This home is right on Bayshore Blvd, across from Tampa Bay!

The before and after the roof cleaning pics are not very good (my memory card was full). 

Because this roof was a light colored one, we used some TSP in our mix for maximum cleaning. Our monster sized air compressor and roof cleaning pumps (we had 2 trucks on this job) made quick work of this job for the well known Tampa Attorney who was doing the renovations.

Bayshore Blvd here in Tampa Florida is one of the most expensive areas to live. 

Many homes on Bayshore would be called mansions, and have lots of roof surface on them. Many of these roofs need cleaning, and do not have gutters, with tons of old, very expensive landscaping. 

Most roof cleaning work in this historic area of Tampa is done by reputation, and word of mouth. 

No New Posts   Tile Roof Cleaning Cory Lake Isles

January 14, 2012

Here is a Tile Roof Cleaning in the Cory Lake Isles section of North Tampa we did recently. Cory Lake Isles has a lot of little lakes, that add humidity to the already humid Tampa weather. It makes these tile roofs get dirty very fast.

 This Tile Roof Cleaning in Tampa came out great, and our customer was very happy.

No New Posts   Cleaning Flat Tile Roof Tampa Florida

July 21, 2011

Here we are Cleaning a Flat White Tile Roof in Tampa Floridabiggrin

This woman in the Temple Terrace section of Tampa is a repeat customer of ours. She had a shingle roof we cleaned twice in the past. She had it replaced with this flat tile roof that got dirty after only 2 years. We like to use TSP on white or bare concrete tile roofs, it really makes them look nice. This woman does not use computers, but she told me "Chris, you can tell you really know what you are doing when you guys clean roofs"

She has no idea I teach roof cleaning to others. All she knows is she used me twice to clean her roof in Tampa in the past, and asked me to come and clean this new tile roof of hers. So, you can see me at her door, and in the roof cleaning truck.

No New Posts   Commercial Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

June 28, 2011


Here is a Church we did today in the Tampa area down in Sun City Center, Florida
As you can see, the roof went up almost VERTICALLY.

We had to "dig into our bag of tricks", and emulsify the Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Mix.

You can see the roof cleaning solution we used cling to the roof of this Tampa area Church biggrin

As can be seen, this Church roof had mold 2 to 3 inches THICK on the north side.

It took two to 3 sprays before we were happy with it.
Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Florida Commercial Roof Cleaning-s6300554.jpg   Florida Commercial Roof Cleaning-s6300551.jpg   Florida Commercial Roof Cleaning-s6300574.jpg   Florida Commercial Roof Cleaning-s6300573.jpg   Florida Commercial Roof Cleaning-s6300561.jpg 

No New Posts   Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning

June 28, 2011

Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning

Here is a beautiful Tampa two story home of 4500 sq ft we cleaned with the Apple Sauce non pressure roof cleaning system.
A cold front was moving into Tampa today, and it was a bit cloudy.
Sorry about the dark pictures.
One of the pictures shows the non pressure roof cleaning chemical starting to clean the Tampa Roof.
This home is right on the Hillsborough River in Tampa Florida, with a boat dock in the back yard.
I took a picture of the backyard view.
The customer was very happy.
A Tampa Roofing Contractor told her she needed a new roof eventually.
He suggested a non pressure roof cleaning, and sent her to us.
The customer was so happy she called the roofer back, and thanked him for sending her to us.
Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Done 11 27 07-tampa-non-pressure-roof-cleaning-030.jpg   Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Done 11 27 07-tampa-non-pressure-roof-cleaning-031.jpg   Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Done 11 27 07-tampa-non-pressure-roof-cleaning-039.jpg   Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Done 11 27 07-tampa-non-pressure-roof-cleaning-042.jpg   Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Done 11 27 07-tampa-non-pressure-roof-cleaning-041.jpg 

No New Posts   Partial Roof Cleaning Tampa

June 28, 2011

Partial Roof Cleaning is not in the best interest of your roof cleaning customers, or your roof cleaning business! Lat's take a look at why ?

Many times, Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa is asked to just clean part of the roof, to get the Tampa Homeowner Association off our customers back. Many homeowners here in Tampa Florida get roof cleaning letters. Many do not realize that a plant is growing on their roof.

This Roof Algae in Tampa that causes the black streaks has 3 stages of growth. It starts out  clear and opaque, almost like a jelly fish. As it matures, it turns green, and we call it Mildew of the Roof. Then, in the humid climate here in Tampa, it matures, and turns from green to black. Customers need to understand that if you only clean part of the roof that the so called "clean side" will soon turn green and then black. To make matters worse, your potential customers will see you cleaning the roof in Tampa. These customers might not be aware you only cleaned part of the roof. All these customers know is Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa cleaned the roof, and it got dirty again in 3 to 6 months!

This will ruin your reputation as a Tampa Roof Cleaning Company, and is not in your customers best interest. We refuse to do a partial roof cleaning for the reasons listed above.

No New Posts   Slate Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

June 28, 2011


Here is a Slate Tile Roof we did in the Avila section of  North Tampa using a Lift.
Slate Tile Roofs can not be walked on, if they are thin.
They require only shingle roof strength chemical unlike regular tile roofs. Surfactants can dull or cloud slate tile roofs, we did not use any on this North Tampa roof cleaning
This 10,000 Sq Ft Slate Tile Roof home in the Avila section of Tampa belongs to a Famous ex Baseball Player.
To respect his privacy, his name will not be revealed.
Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version  Name: Tile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL 2-25-2008 7-14-24 AM.JPG‎ Views: 25 Size: 235.9 KB ID: 7624   Click image for larger version  Name: Tile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL 2-26-2008 6-06-10 AM.JPG‎ Views: 18 Size: 267.8 KB ID: 7625   Click image for larger version  Name: Tile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL 2-26-2008 6-04-41 AM.JPG‎ Views: 12 Size: 267.2 KB ID: 7626   Click image for larger version  Name: Tile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL 2-26-2008 6-23-57 AM.JPG‎ Views: 21 Size: 280.9 KB ID: 7627   Click image for larger version  Name: Tile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL 2-26-2008 6-25-21 AM.JPG‎ Views: 14 Size: 278.8 KB ID: 7628   Click image for larger version  Name: Tile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL 2-26-2008 6-28-50 AM.JPG‎ Views: 13 Size: 279.1 KB ID: 7629

No New Posts   Shingle Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

January 10, 2011

This is a shingle roof cleaning in Tampa we recently did. We added some TSP to our roof cleaning chemical mix for this one. I was not satisfied with the cleaning, so we added some TSP and sprayed the roof again. This  Tampa Community got letters from their Tampa Homeowners Association, so we put out our roof cleaning yard sign.
We wound up cleaning quite a few roofs in this Tampa subdivision from this one roof cleaning job.

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Tampa

November 16, 2009

Roof Cleaning Tampa week of 11-9-09

Here is a crazy tampa roof cleaning slideshow I made.

My employees are better roof cleaners then picture takers.
As you can see, they forgot to take some roof cleaning AFTER pictures.
My son Jamie, who will clean your roof with his crew, was clowning around on his way to a Tampa Bay Bucs game for his girlfriend.

Here is the Roof Cleaning Tampa Slideshow.

-- Edited by Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa FL (813) 655-8777 on Monday 16th of November 2009 09:03:16 PM

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Tampa (813-655-8777) Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa, FL

February 3, 2009

Roof Cleaning Tampa Badge

ROOF CLEANING TAMPA (813) 293 1733

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa offers RCIA Certified Roof Cleaning for Tampa, FL and surrounding areas.
Call Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa for a free Roof Cleaning Estimate.

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida - (813)293 1733 -
serves the following Tampa area Zip Codes.
33563,33565 33566,33567,33568,33569,33570,33571,
33586,33587 33592,33594,33595,33598,33601,33602,33603,33604,
33605,33606,33607,33608,33602, 33603,33604,33605,33605,33606,33606,33607,
33625, 33626,33629,33630,33631,33634,
33673,33674, 33675,33677,33679,33681,33682,33684,33685,

See some more of our Roof Cleaning Tampa Pictures here

View Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida 33619 in a larger map

No New Posts   Cleaning Shingle Roof Tampa

March 17, 2011

Here we are Cleaning a Shingle Roof in Tampa. This home is located in Carrollwood, in the north part of Tampa. It cleaned up real nice, and we are trying out a very low cost new surfactant that seems to be working quite well. These roof cleaning pictures were taken as soon as we started and finished, so we will see how it looks after a few rains. The customer was pleased with the roof cleaning. They are going to paint this home next week. They wanted a clean roof to be sure the mold and algae spores don't get on the new paint!

No New Posts   Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa

March 14, 2011

Here is a recent tile roof we cleaned in North Tampa. This roof was cleaned using a small amount (1/4 cup per gallon) of TSP. This tile roof cleaning picture was taken right after the cleaning. It looks even better now that we have had a few rains since we cleaned this tile roof. We have always said "No one can rinse a roof like God can", and that is the truth. All roofs we clean, tile or shingle, always look their very best after a few good rains. Here in Tampa, it rains nearly everyday, in the summer. We have a subtropical climate in Tampa, with a summer rainy season. The past 2 winters here in Tampa, we have had a lot of rain. This has caused roofs here in Tampa Florida to become especially dirty, as the rain feeds the roof algae growth.

No New Posts   Some recent Tampa Roof Cleanings

February 15, 2011

Tampa Roof Cleanings
Here are some roofs we cleaned in Tampa recently. The weather in Tampa has been cold and overcast the past 2 months, but these roofs cleaned up well anyway. The roof cleaning chemical just works a little slower on a cold, cloudy day.

No New Posts   Black Streaks On A Tampa Roof

January 26, 2011

Here are some before and after pictures of the dreaded black streaks on a roof in Tampa.
The humid, rainy climate here in Tampa accelerates the growth of Gloeocapsa Magma, a type of Cynobacteria that causes roofs in Tampa to get black streaks on them.
Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida Is proud to offer Non Pressure Shingle Roof Cleaning as well as Tile Roof Cleaning for the Greater Tampa Bay Florida and surrounding areas. Find out What Are The Black Stains On My Tampa Roof as well as How We Clean Roofs in Tampa and don't forget to see how we go about Protecting Plants From Roof Cleaning Chemicals or How We Clean Steep, Non Walkable Shingle And Tile Roofs.

This Tampa Roof Cleaning looked wonderful, with all the Black Streaks safely removed from his roof. Call us at 813-655-8777 for a free estimate.

No New Posts   Cleaning Tampa Palms Tile Roof - No Walking

January 18, 2011

Cleaning Tampa Palms Tile Roof - No Walking

Here are some Tampa Palms Roof Cleaning pictures.  This home in Tampa Palms was big, and had a fragile tile roof that did not permit walking, so we used a lift. We also cleaned the pavers in the driveway for our customers. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa does a lot of work in Tampa Palms, and are highly recommended by the people who live there by word of mouth. We specialize in cleaning the large roofs in Tampa Palms others walk away from, and we don't financially penalize you because you are fortunate enough to live in Tampa Palms. Most of our roof cleaning customers in Tampa Palms are repeat users of our service, and send us to clean their friends roofs. If you live in Tampa Palms, and need your roof cleaned by a company who knows what they are doing, give us a call.

No New Posts   Cleaning Tampa Tile Roof

January 18, 2011

Tampa Palms

We have so many Tampa Roof Cleaning Pictures, LOL Here are some I just found of some past Tile Roof Cleanings we did in Tampa. I just upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, thank GOD !
I am finding Tampa Roof Cleaning Pictures I forgot all about. I can not honestly say I remember what tile roof cleaning mix we used when we cleaned these roofs, but it was probably our Apple Cider Roof Cleaning Chemical, with perhaps a little sodium hydroxide added for better cleaning. I honestly do not remember blankstare
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