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No New Posts   Safe Roof Algae Removal Tampa

December 9, 2013

Algae have been around since the dawn of time.

steep roof cleaning tampa florida (2).jpg


Generally, the Species of Algae found on rooftops in Tampa today is  a normal part of the ecosystem and our earth’s environment.

Yet, in the scope of things, when deposited on the surface of a clay barrel tile roof or an asphalt shingle roof,  algae is absolutely not doing residential and commercial property owners here in Tampa any real good, and in fact is causing both an ugly eyesore and, a potentially damaging situation to grow, that can lead to premature roofing shingle failure and/or replacement.

 Today, many properties in Tampa with otherwise nicely landscaped, well-maintained yards and freshly painted home or business exteriors, suffer visually from the discolored, staining and streaking of roof algae, lowering property values in both more costly and median valued homes across Florida, and abroad.

This unattractive GROWING occurrence on the ROOFTOPS of property structures such as homes, business, churches, and other structures around our communities, give our towns and cities, and undesirable, rundown overall look, with many homeowners associations making it a REQUIREMENT to have residents of the communities annually clean and or treat their roofs for discoloration, mildew, mold, lichen, and moss, or face fines and letters of complaint from their neighbors.

Roof Cleaning Thomasville, GA

Roof Cleaning in Tampa Florida

As the information gets out to more and more property owners in Tampa that understand that this is actually an invasion or infestation of this offending roof algae that ACTUALLY “Roof Hops” and if one house in a community has this algae left on the roof it will eventually spread back to the other local area homes sooner, rather than later, homeowners are taking the position to perform preventative maintenance now, rather than pay for costly and unnecessary premature roof tear off replacement.

As the knowledge spreads by the internet and word of mouth, that the fact is that if all residents in the area take this problem seriously and clean, treat, and prevent this problem as a normal matter of course by INCLUDING roof algae treatment and maintenance in their normal annual or bi annual property maintenance regimen, this problem can be largely reduced and potentially avoided by the drastic reduction of house to house, rooftop to rooftop algae infestation. 

This blue-green cyanobacteria, technically called, Gloeocapsa Magma, is a miniature plant with an aggressive root system that deposits itself on rooftops of homes and businesses in Tampa, feeding on the limestone filler used in the manufacturing process of the asphalt shingles.

This algae is not only unattractive but also is also dangerous from a slip and fall standpoint to walk on when servicing your roof while annually removing leaves, pine straw and other roof debris during routine fall and spring maintenance cleaning.

Additionally, if the algae is not cleaned using safe, non pressure RCIA Roof Cleaning Institute methods following ARMA standards, then, it will gain a rapid foothold with its root system becoming embedded into the important roofing granules that normally provide essential Ultraviolet protection from the harsh and damaging, shingle drying rays of the sun, and soon will spread to other parts of the roof, eventually covering the roof entirely.

One final additional very important reason to develop and maintain an annual roof maintenance program, besides the obvious reasons of additional longevity and increased curb appeal is the fact that this form of algae “blooms” periodically, much like a flower, and sends millions of microscopic spores, airborne that then attach themselves to other nearby structures such as barns, detached garages and neighboring rooftops in Tampa!

This is a major reason for communities here in the Tampa area to join together and perform “annual roof treatment days” to have all the roofs in the area treated to repel algae and mold and etc.

This way the entire neighborhoods roofs get clean initially, and stay clean continually.

As a homeowner in the Tampa area myself, it certainly disturbs me that, despite all the countless hours of labor for maintaining the grounds and exterior of the structures on our properties and large sums of money most homeowners and businesses invest in to beautify and add character and unique value to their properties, the addition of staining and algae and dark streaking and discoloration of the roof surfaces due to algae, mold, mildew and other roof dwelling plants turn an otherwise visually well-kept property in Tampa, into a less than attractive, rundown looking structure.

This occurrence is very unfortunate for a residential or commercial property owner who is working so hard to get their property to “POP” and stand out above the other average looking homes in their neighborhood.  Yet despite all their money and energy put into paint and landscape, the black algae infestation on their rooftop ROBS them of the final desirable curb appeal they invest in, and deserve to receive.

Mainly, this is because many property owners don’t know that their roof can be restored to a new looking condition without damage to their roof and as easily as picking up the phone and calling a CERTIFIED Non Pressure SAFE Roof Cleaning Contractor locally.


Finding a local, professionally trained and CERTIFIED Safe, Roof Cleaning Contractor is easy, wherever a property owner is located.

To find a CERTIFIED Roof Cleaning Contractor in your area you may visit the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America (this forum), and look through our directory.

Or, if you are here locally, you may call us Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa at 813-655-8777

No New Posts   Keeping Cat's Off Of Shingle Roofs in Tampa

November 11, 2013

A customer posted this question on one of my roof cleaning blogs. She wanted to know the best way to keep a Cat off a Shingle Roof!

Now, here in Tampa, many roofs are tile or metal, and they get hot as hell. Lol, Cat's soon learn not to get on a tile or a metal roof here in Tampa! 

But, shingle roofs are open season for Cat's it seems.

Cat's can be in great danger on a roof, especially if the house get's on Fire, like this home here in Tampa did


Here is the question that was posted on my roof cleaning blog:


I have an elderly neighbor that leaves his door open at night for his beloved cat. I know that his cat is a handful, his drapes are shredded!

The problem is the cat climbs on my roof at night. My roof is flat and it is noisy and wakes me up. I then have a hard time going back to sleep.

Cat On Tampa Roof

I tried the gallon water jugs in the yard. I do get up and try to hose the cat, but he has caught on to me.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

No New Posts   Commercial Roof Cleaning Tampa FL

October 6, 2013

Here is a small commercial roof cleaning we did last week in the Ybor City section of Tampa. As a rule, we do not do a lot of commercial roof cleaning jobs, but this office building belongs to a well known Tampa Attorney, who insisted on us. He lives up in Tampa Palms, and we have cleaned the tile roof of his personal home several times, in the last 10 years.

The before and after the roof cleaning pictures were taken as soon as this job was completed on 10-1-2013, and do not reflect how this shingle roof will look, after a few rains have had the chance to reactivate all the special soaps we used on this light colored shingle roof.

After my Son and his crew completed this job, they went into Ybor City, and brought me back some Spanish Bean Soup, and a really good Cuban Sandwich!

These roof cleaning pictures are fairly large, so click on the thumbnails, if you would like to see them better,


No New Posts   Roof Cleaning And Rain In Tampa 9-23-2013

September 27, 2013

It has been raining here in the Tampa Bay Florida area nearly all week. In fact, this, and the past summer, have been 2 of the rainiest summers most people can remember, besides the tropical storms and Hurricanes, here in Tampa.

We can not, and will not, clean any roof, shingle or tile, in the rain, no matter how backed up we are. 

That black stuff seen on tile and shingle roofs here in the Tampa Florida area can be thought of as a plant.  And, just like any plant, the more water it gets, the better and faster it grows.

In fact, the rains of the summer before this one, are very much responsible for our roof cleaning company being so busy!

However, we run 2 full time roof cleaning trucks, 5 days a week, so we are catching up with our jobs, that the rainy weather has prevented us from cleaning.

The Season is nearly here in Tampa, and soon the winter residents will arrive. If you are thinking about having your roof cleaned, now is the time to call us at 813-655-8777 to get on our list of work to do.



No New Posts   Tile Roof Cleaners Tampa Florida

September 20, 2013

We have cleaned a lot of tile roofs, in the 20 years we have been in business in the Tampa area. It is much more difficult to do a barrel or flat tile roof, then it is to wash asphalt shingles. First, you must be careful not to break or crack the roof tiles, and you must also be very careful that you do not slip, and fall right off a tile roof.

Unlike a shingle roof, the tiles become very slippery when the soaps are being applied. Tiles also have edges, or faces, and care must be taken to be sure they are cleaned as well. 

Here are just a few we have cleaned over the years. Call us at (813)-655-8777 if you need our roof cleaning service.


Tampa Tile Roof Cleaners.jpegTile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL 2-26-2008 7-45-48 AM.JPGTile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL%202-26-2008%206-50-46%20AM.JPGTile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL%202-26-2008%206-56-53%20AM.JPGTile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL%202-26-2008%208-24-15%20AM.JPGTile-Roof-Cleaning-Tampa-FL%202-26-2008%208-58-44%20AM.JPG

No New Posts   Tampa FL Roof Cleaning Pictures Slideshow

September 9, 2013

We have been cleaning both barrel tile, shingle, and metal roofs here in the greater Tampa Florida area nearly 20 years.

In that time, our company has cleaned over 20,000 roofs!

I have taken plenty of roof cleaning pictures, over the years, and lost a bunch in computer crashes too!@

Here is a little slideshow I threw together on a rainy day last summer.

All of us here at Apple are big time Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fans, though our team is not doing so well right now yawn



No New Posts   Shingle Roof Cleaned In Tampa

August 28, 2013

Here is one we cleaned with an asphalt shingle roof in Tampa last week, in between the rain.

It has been raining here in Florida quite a bit this summer. I like a wet shingle roof, as long as the water is not dripping off of it. It seems the rain really activates the soaps, and makes for a really nice finished product. Plus, with the rain, we can be sure the plants are not thirsty, and the ground is not dry.

Dry ground and thirsty plants are not a good thing for a Florida Roof Cleaner.

This job came out great, and our customer was very happy. But I lost some of the before and after pictures. A real shame, because this was a very nice job! 

His neighbor had his shingle roof cleaned by a Tampa Pressure Washer, who ruined it.  I wish I had taken some pictures of the Zebra Stripes in his neighbors shingle.roof, as well as all the missing granules removed from his shingles by the Pressure Washer.

OH, I forgot to add we also chemically cleaned the driveway, in the middle picture. 



No New Posts   Roof Cleaner Hurt In Tampa

July 26, 2011

Everyone, please say a prayer for my son Jamie. He is in the hospital facing surgery this afternoon. My son and I were cleaning a screen room in Tampa, and a large bird flew on my Son's forearm and bit him. His arm swelled up as big as his leg, and we took him to the hospital. He has a really bad infection, and they are giving him last chance antibiotics before amputation. They are going to operate today to lance the abcess, in hopes of saving his arm from amputation.

The loss of my Son has economically crippled our company, and is taking it's toll on me emotionally.

No New Posts   A few roof cleaning trucks we have built

June 14, 2013

In over 20 years of cleaning roofs here in the tampa florida area, I have built many many trucks. I gave up on trailers years ago.

Box Trucks are nice, but we prefer flatbed roof cleaning trucks. 

Here is a blog post showing a few of the trucks we have had, over the years.

I had my last computer crash, and a ton of pics were lost! 

No New Posts   Tampa Roof Cleaners Brace For Tropical Storm

June 6, 2013

This is the latest news on tropical storm Andrea, as it makes roof cleaning impossible for us here in Tampa, and pretty much the entire west coast of Florida!

Andrea, the first named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane season, strengthened overnight and is forecast to make landfall along Florida's Big Bend area later today.

The National Hurricane Center has issued tropical storm warnings for a wide swath of the western coast of Florida. The system is forecast to move northeast along the eastern seaboard over the next couple of days, so the center has issued storm warnings from Georgia to Virginia.

Federal forecasters say Andrea currently has sustained winds of 60 mph and could cause a 5-foot storm surge along the Florida coast. As far as rain, they say:

"Andrea is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 3 to 6 inches over much of the Florida peninsula... eastern parts of the Florida panhandle and southeastern Georgia... with isolated maximum amounts of 10 inches possible. Total rain accumulations of 2 to 4 inches are also expected over eastern South Carolina... eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia."

No New Posts   Cleaning Church Roof Tampa FL

April 5, 2013

Here is a Church Roof Cleaning we did in Sun City Florida, just south of Tampa, some time ago.

I made this video in about 5 minutes using some roof cleaning pictures I have on Picassa. How well I remember cleaning the steep shingle roof of this Tampa area Church! If you look at the video, you can see the extreme cling of our emulsified roof cleaning chemical. This Church Roof was impossible to walk on (we had to stand on the flat part, and spray from there). Plus, it was a windy day, because it was raining and thundershowers up in Tampa that day.

Sun City Center is about 30 miles south of the Tampa Florida area. 

The pastor of this Church south of Tampa, was delighted with the roof cleaning work we performed for him. In fact, he was so happy with our work, he mentioned us after the Sunday Sermon to all the parishioners. We were nearly overwhelmed with more non pressure roof cleaning work, for nearly a month.



No New Posts   A New Kind Of Problem To Watch Out For

December 21, 2012

We just cleaned a big 5000 sq ft flat tile roof, in a very affluent part of Tampa.

The lady had gutters all around, with downspouts. We cleaned the roof, and carefully watched for run off around the downspouts, etc.

This tile roof had the large flat tiles, and we had to hit the faces of the tiles, sometimes 3 times, to get them clean.

After we were satisfied that the roof was cleaned and spotless, we left. 

Well, it rained that same evening. Not the usual Tampa Florida summertime rain we get nearly every day, in the summer, but a decent rain.

To make a long story short, all kinds of debris (including dead Frogs) started coming out of her gutters, and down the downspouts! 

I mean, it was nasty! 

In the back of the home, she had debris and dead Frogs all over her Lanai, even though there is a large gutter between the roof and the Lanai!

This was my clue, as to what went wrong! That gutter between the roof and Lanai should have caught any run off from the roof, and kept it off the Lanai!

Here is what went wrong on this roof cleaning job we recently did in Tampa. 

Unknown to us, her gutters and/or downspouts were filthy and were clogged. The chemical came off the roof, and was reactivated by the rain, and it actually cleaned the gutters and downspouts! 

All the filth, and previously clogged debris, from her filthy, stopped up gutters, came flushing down her downspouts, and we got blamed! 

It took me nearly 2 hours on the phone, to settle her down. She finally apologized to me, once we both realized what the problem was!

No New Posts   New Tampa Roof Cleaning Truck

December 16, 2012

I bought this flatbed truck yesterday guys. I was able to get him down to 2300.00 !

It will make a great roof cleaning truck, but will be a little underpowered. It has the big 300 cu inch Ford Inline 6 cyl with the C 6 Automatic. That motor/trans combo is very reliable, and has a lot of torque.

I told you guys I lost the tranny in my Mitsusishi. The truck is done guys, the bed is all rusted out, but the motor still runs great.

Like all Apple Roof Cleaning Trucks, this one will be treated to dual 300 gallon tanks, a very large air compressor, and an air pump.

This truck runs like a top, and has nearly new rubber on it too! At one time, it was a road paving truck in Tampa, and has that stuff all over the flatbed. LOL, that will save me from coating the bed! 

It also has dual toolboxes, one each, one either side of the bed. 

No A/C of course, or power anything, except brakes and steering. It is a WORK TRUCK.  It drove really nice, stopped good, did not overheat, and the tranny is fine, although it has been modified to not shift out of 2nd gear until you take your foot out of it.

This is a common trick to get some more passing power. 

The Ford Inline 6 is about as bullett proof aS IT GETS.

It will roam the streets of Tampa, once it has all my roof cleaning equipment on it.

This is how we roll guys. You all know what the roof cleaning chemical will do to this truck eventually.

I buy decent old flatbed trucks under 5 grand, and drive them till they will not drive anymore.

No New Posts   Any Other Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fans Here ?

November 12, 2012

As of this date (11-12-12) Tampa is 5 and 4, and in the NFC Playoff hunt! For any Tampa Football Fans out there is a great sports forum. It is full of very very knowledgeable fans, and not tightly moderated, like some sports fan sites are.

No New Posts   Cleaning Out Gutters

July 8, 2012

We do gutter cleaning, and some people expect us to do it for 50.00 or less!

Not all customers are like that, but some want us to risk our life, and work for nothing.

There are some nasty things in gutters here in tampa, like snakes for instance, and then there are things like these!

No New Posts   Free Ways To Reach Our Customers

July 15, 2012

hey guys, how do you like this free advertisement I just posted ?

It was posted on a site called  that allows for free advertisements. Can't beat free, right ?

I am using what is called VFlyer to make that pretty flyer with all the pics.

VFlyer is not free, it costs about 100 bucks a year, but we feel it is worth it.

It allows an ad that stands out from all the roof cleaning hacks on Craigslist Tampa, and other free ad sites.

VFlyer makes it so easy to post an ad like I just posted. It generates the HTML code, you copy it, and paste it right into your Craigslist or Backpage free ad.

All of us want to reach our customers the lowest cost ways possible.

Let me know what you guys think ?

No New Posts   Homeowners Association Roof Cleaning Letters

July 6, 2012

Many of our customers receive Homeowners Association Roof Cleaning Letters, and call us. 

This is because many of our customers live in what are called Deed Restricted Communities throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Here in Central Florida, deed restricted subdivisions are very common, unlike up North. 

These HOA Letters force our customers to have their houses in compliance.

Here are some we have cleaned, over the years.

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Providence Lakes 33511

July 11, 2012

We are located only 2 miles away from Providence Lakes, and were the very first roof cleaning company ever to clean a home in that subdivision.

I remember when Providence Lakes and Heather Lakes were first built in Brandon.

I graduated from Brandon High School in 1972!

This deed restricted community has a Homeowners Association, and residents with dirty roofs get letters.

They call us to take care of them, because they know we are not pressure washers who will ruin their roof.

Here are just a few jobs we have done in Providence Lakes.



No New Posts   Tampa Weather Effects Roof Cleaning

July 6, 2012

I love cleaning roofs AFTER it rains! We get some really nasty weather here in Central Florida 

If we hear thunder, we do not go near a roof. Don't want to get struck by lightning! In fact, the Tampa area is known as the worlds Lightning Capital!

LOL, our hockey team is called the Lightning.

A warm and wet roof cleans up really nice. The rain seems to activate the surfactants better ?

Plus, right after a rain, the plants are not thirsty, and already wet!

Of course, we still us a ground man to water them off during and after the cleaning.

These roofs were done after the afternoon rains we get here in the summer time in Tampa.

No New Posts   Chemical Roof Cleaning Cost vs Pressure Washing

July 6, 2012

Pressure Washing is always the very cheapest way to get your shingle roof cleaned. A Pressure Cleaner uses only high pressure water to strip the mold from your roof. Unfortunately, your ceramic roofing granules will be removed as well! Because most Pressure Washers work alone, they do not have to pay for a seperate ground person to protect your plants. The high pressure water they use does not kill plants, and it will not kill the plant that is growing on your roof either. It will merely scatter it all over, and it will soon regrow, all over your screen room, house, and neighbors property!

Chemical Roof Cleaning is the way shingle manufacturers want your roof to be cleaned. Any other methos of cleaning will void the warranty on your roof.

Yes, it costs a few dollars more, but it is well worth it.

We have been chemically cleaning roofs here in the Tampa Florida area nearly 20 years.

Here are a few examples.

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