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Forum: Operating a Certified Roof Cleaning Business
Operating a Certified Roof Cleaning Business

No New Posts   Good Information to Have

August 6, 2010

If you are thinking of adding Power Washing to you roof cleaning business the following is good information to have:

No New Posts   Skype

August 10, 2010

Who has Skype? Did you know its possable with Skype Beta to hold video calls with more than one person! Just found that out today! Estimates all day today. Sold an old row house in NW DC today. More estimates tomorow too!  

Started By: gutterdog

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Last Post: Aug 30, 2010 by Redfisherman



August 25, 2010

Just created this:

Let me know of any correction I should make or anything you think I should add.
Send me a PM and I'll add you to the External Links....roof cleaning

-- Edited by Bob Jr on Wednesday 25th of August 2010 10:28:16 PM

Started By: Ugly Shingles LLC

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Last Post: Aug 27, 2010 by Morgan Booz


No New Posts   Lead on Roof Cleaning in Cochranton,PA

August 23, 2010

Somebody from the area want to call me for a lead in your area. A lady just called me for help locating someone in her area. ASAP

Started By: Mobile Prowash

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Last Post: Aug 23, 2010 by Mobile Prowash


No New Posts   hey guys

August 16, 2010

hows it going any one picking up yet?

No New Posts   T Minus 28 hours 30 minutes

August 14, 2010

Till the Excursion begins.....

No New Posts   WOW-5000 Roof Cleaning Business Cards Only 79.00 !!!!!!!!

August 9, 2010

Better  Hurry!


Monday, August 9, 2010 1:10 PM
Add sender to Contacts



Monsters Company

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Franchise

July 27, 2010

Roof Cleaning Franchises ?

For as long as we have had a web site, I have got people asking me if I sold, or have any plans to sell Apple Roof Cleaning Franchises.
Recently, I was approached by a company that helps you put together Roof Cleaning Franchises.
They told me I would be an ideal candidate for them to put a Roof Cleaning Franchise together for.
At first, the idea seemed stupid to me, since you can get a lot of free roof cleaning info off this roof cleaning forum.
And the price they are talking about selling the Roof Cleaning Franchise for was pretty high.
But that could easily be made back and more, the first year.
I am really thinking about offering turn key roof cleaning franchises, complete with hands on, personal training, and unlimited life time free consultations.
Any why not ? I see so much bullChit being sold as roof cleaning business opportunities. I would like to do it myself, and not with any company that put franchises together, I just don't know how. I mean the legalities, that kind of stuff.

No New Posts   Worker's Comp Info Needed -Florida

August 2, 2010

Hey guys.  I need some help on worker's comp in FL.  I thought the purpose of comp was to aid injured employees and protect employers from being sued.  So, why do most commercial jobs require a service contractor to carry comp?  Does it protect the business from being sued in the event the employer/employee is injured on the job?  I plan to set up my business as a sole proprietorship.  It will be owned/operated by only myself and do not plan to hire any employees for the time being.  I called Tallahassee and they said it's required that I have it!  Even with no employees!  Like stated previously, I thought it's purpose is to aid injured workers and protect employers.  What am I missing here?  Also, how expensive is it per $100 for a roof cleaner.  It just may be worth having so I can pick up some commercial jobs.  Any info is much appreciated!  Thanks  -Clay

No New Posts   Paver Sealing As Add On For Roof Cleaning Business

July 30, 2010

I talked to several roof cleaners at the RCIA Social in Tampa  doing Paver Sealing.
They are doing very well with it, as an add on to their roof cleaning business.
Anyone here seal pavers, as well as clean roofs.

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Startup 101-Legal Contracts, Licensing, Start-up Costs, Business plans

March 3, 2009

ROOF CLEANING Startup 101-

Some of you have inquired if we can include a specific area at the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America for Information on the topics listed BELOW

For now this THREAD will have to suffice

thread to post anything and everything regarding the business end of Roof Cleaning

Topics Include:

Start-up costs
Business plans
Corporate Structure
Laws specifc to Roof Cleaning
Insurance Coverage
Liability Policy
Vehicle Insurance
Theft Coverage

We hope this helps some of you new cleaners get up to speed on some of the other areas you need help with and have been inquiring about.

-- Edited by Roof Clean USA Georgia 229-227-0000 at 06:28, 2009-03-04

No New Posts   Watch Tampa LIVE from your HOME!!!

July 28, 2010

If you cant make it, watch it here LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started By: Ron Musgraves

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Last Post: Aug 1, 2010 by garyw


No New Posts   painted valley tin

July 29, 2010

HEy Guys
Im fixing to do my third roof, but its my first really really nice home
My question is the roof is to steep to walk and Im gonna spray from a ladder
It has a nice brown ridge cap and brown valley tin
The roof is Extremely streaked so I know the love will get on the valley tin mayby on ridge cap.   Will it take the paint off these if I dont rinse the roof
I may could keep it off the vent but it will probably run down the valley tin because Ill probably have to put 2 maybe 3 coats the roof is so streaked
Thanks in advance

Started By: CovenantCarl

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Last Post: Jul 31, 2010 by Iannacchione


No New Posts   Updated New Logo

July 30, 2010

I changed the logo because the wand liked to much like a pressure washer wand. Hope this one is better. Thanks for feedback on last one.

Started By: Central Iowa Roof Cleaning

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Last Post: Jul 30, 2010 by Central Iowa Roof Cleaning


No New Posts   This is how you can Make the RCIA the authority

July 28, 2010

Read through this thread.

Make sure guys know the proper methods, if customers start hearing this is the authority it will help all roof cleaners in association.

Grow strong in numbers gents...

Started By: Ron Musgraves

Comments: 2

Views: 971

Last Post: Jul 28, 2010 by NoPressure


No New Posts   $7495 Hot water Machine made it to Tampa

July 28, 2010

Anyone can win this if they are Present......

The official Drawing and Key trying will start at 330 pm sat

Keys will be distributed throughout the show!!

People who registared and Signed up early will have better chances.

Please do not feel Cheated because your late, you will have chances throughout the show by participating.

You can also at times receive additional entree for good Questions. ( deteremined by attendees)

This is alot of fun, so bring yourself with positive thoughts about learning and motivating all around you.

If your not looking for oppourtunity your at the wrong place.

I promote learning and having fun while we do it!!!!

Plus there are other prizes!!!


Started By: Ron Musgraves

Comments: 4

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Last Post: Jul 28, 2010 by NoPressure


Poll   Email Marketing

July 27, 2010

Has any one tried email marketing?

What was the outcome?

I really need feedback on this one guys!!

Started By: Washed-up

Comments: 17

Views: 1087

Last Post: Jul 28, 2010 by JHWorth


No New Posts   AllFlo Will attend the Florida Event!!!

July 27, 2010

A factory representative will be present at the Florida Event Thrusday And Friday to answer questions.

Please feel free to compile questions for him.

He will be introduced at the RCIA Social..

Started By: Ron Musgraves

Comments: 9

Views: 974

Last Post: Jul 28, 2010 by Ron Musgraves


No New Posts   Tampa Roof Cleaning Business Song

July 27, 2010

Tampa Roof Cleaning Business Song

Hello Everyone!
I like to think I am a more competent roof cleaner then a songwriter ?

But I like to be silly, and have Fun biggrin

Click for the music, and sign along

Here are the words:

We don't just use Chlorine/Water here in Tampa;
We always like to add some TSP
We never clean any roofs without a ground man;
Cause we learned how to do it right you see.

We don't make a party out of cleaning;roof cleaning
We leave Beer and other stuff at home

We put a little Borax in our mixture
So the Algae on the roof don't get re grown

I'm proud to be a roof cleaner from Tampa,
A place where cleaning brothers have a ball
We still smell like Chlorine down at the boathouse,
And Smoked Mullet's still the biggest thrill of all

Rubber boots are still in style for cleaning footwear;
Bare feet and Roman sandals just won't do.
Big Hose in Tampa is not just a suggestion
We want you to be competitive with us too!

I'm proud to be a roof cleaner from Tampa,roof cleaning
A place where cleaning brothers have a ball
We still smell like Chlorine down at the boathouse,
And Smoked Mullet's still the biggest thrill of all

We still smell like Chlorine down at the boathouse,
In Hillsborough County, Florida, USA.

No New Posts   Guys Please Welcome the PUMP Guru Larry Hinkley

July 26, 2010

Welcome Larry From

The oldest Roof cleaning Forum online back in the day!!

Its great to see someone with Years of Experience with Tech advice here on RCIA.

Larry is a ventran guy who has stayed up with advancements in the industry over the years.

Talk with Larry right here about problems guys, call him text him or email him.

You guys need advice during normal hours Larry will be glad to assist you.

I'm not sure of Larry's Background in Roof pumps, he is a master at pressure washer repair for 25 years.

Larry hows your air pump knowledge?
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