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Post Info TOPIC: How to clean a roof and how not to! Venice,Fl Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing

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How to clean a roof and how not to! Venice,Fl Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Florida Roof Cleaning by The Roofing Manufacturers Method Is Not Pressure Cleaning!

At Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning, clearly we do all types of pressure cleaning and have done so since 1989 here in Charlotte County, Fl We just don't pressure clean roofing, because it is the wrong way to clean a roof and causes too much wear and damage to roofs.

The links below all say to clean roofs with the method I use!

They all also say specifically "DO NOT PRESSURE WASH"

{GAF Roofing Manufacturer}

{ARMA Roofing Manufacturer Association  Cleaning Bulletin}

{CORNING Roofing Manufacturer} Click number 1 "algae growth"

The ARMA also says not to allow anyone to apply any roof coatings. This is a common sales gimmick. Usually pressure washing companies-not roof cleaning companies-will pressure wash your roof and then sell you an after coating, which they want to reapply every 2 years.Names like Roof-A----. Not wanting to name any specific one. Read the ARMA warning below.

Now Watch Us Cleaning In These 2 Videos:


How about environmental concerns?

As soon as a roofing manufacturer lists a green product as safe to put on your roof, on their websites, I will put it on your roof. Right now none do, It's your property and your roofing warranty, I have no right to use you as a "test" project. Yet many of my competitors do just that. The new products claiming "eco-friendly" simply don't work. I have tested 3 of them on the back of my own roof. They all say to wait 3 months or more to see full results. { I'd be amazed if any homeowner would pay me and then wait and see what happens in 3 or more months!

The only ones that give instant results [like our method does] require the use of a pressure washing machine and a "STORY" you will be told, saying "We turn the pressure way down" Or "We just use the machine to rinse"

Not true! It's simply that thier chemicals, whatever they are-it's not on the label-don't clean roofs, the pressure washing machine does and a pressure washer can clean a roof after spraying it with baby shampoo or nothing! The blasting power does all the cleaning! I know, before I learned how the RCIA and the roofing manufacturers said roofs should be cleaned, I knew no other way, than using my pressure washer. I saw the damage, but turning down the amount of pressure, just means you have to put your spray tip closer to the roof! It takes a certain amount of pressure to accomplish cleaning, so a 4000 PSI machine, with the tip 1 foot away, does the same thing as a 200 PSI machine at 6" away etc etc.

These are facts.

The only 100% Green method known to me, is power washing the roof with no chemicals, just water. 
A roof will sometimes come clean "looking" just by blasting the algae off. The algae was not chemically killed, so after pressure washing, the roof is still coated in living algae spores, which continue to grow strong and turn black again ina year or so. 

Of course, that pressure also takes years off the life of your roof and may well void your roof's warranty,
 but it is 100% environmentally friendly, at first glance

First glance? 

Yes, nothing will ruin a roof faster than pressure washing it, so if you you look at the long term picture, you are adding to the asphalt / tar, in the landfills, as roofs need replacing at half life. 

That's not eco-friendly at all, just expensive for you!

Other than chlorine, as suggested by the manufacturers of the roofing, who knows what chemicals are used to make a new so called "green" roof cleaning mix? 

We do all are familiar with bleach- chlorine though! We drink it in our faucet water, soak in it in our showers and swim in it in our pools. 
It is bio-degradable and after applying it to a roof, it reverts back to what it was made from-common salt.

The photos below show some roofs we have cleaned with the only roofing manufacturer approved chemical, chlorine / water and a small amount of TSP.

Please call us for safe, No Pressure, Soft - Washing of your roof, or a free Pressure Cleaning Quote on your house, pool enclosure, decking, driveway, fence or commercial buildings and parking areas.

Englewood, Florida:  941- 474-8883

Cape Haze, Placida, Rotonda, Grove City:  941-698-1959

Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, PGI:  941-255-8600

Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, Southern Sarasota:  941-483-3673


Serving Englewood Rotonda North Port Cape Haze Venice Port Charlotte Punta Gorda Boca Grande Charlotte and Southern Sarasota Counties in Florida.


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