I have always been for proper roof cleaning training, backed by Certification.
Over nearly 15 years on the Internet, I have always been here, to try and answer roof cleaning questions, so we can avoid chit like this http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2012/...harlotte-coun/
I am sorry guys, but there is NO EXCUSE for this kind of stuff that just happened in Charlotte County, Florida! It is crap like this that gives the roof cleaning industry here in Florida a bad name, and can result in legislation effecting us ALL.

Myself, and the roof cleaners I know or have trained, would never have made this kind of tragic mistake.

I do not know the Roof Cleaning Contractor the county jail used that is responsible for this tragic screw up, what chemical or toxic combination of chemicals he used, or what happened.

But I can certainly imagine what went wrong down in Charlotte County Florida!