We used to provide full uniforms for our men, but it is HOT here in Tampa, Florida.
Not to many want to clean 3 to 5 roofs a day in long pants, LOL
So, here is my experience on Chlorine resistant clothing.
Stay away from Cotton, it will get ate up.
Polyester is best, or a blend of at least 50 percent polyester/50 percent cotton holds up well.
For some reason, the color gray don't bleach out, and all our company shirts are this color.
Ink will not bleach, so if you simply get a gray t shirt of 50/50 printed, it will last a long time.
We wear shorts because we Don't use wands with angled nozzles spraying at our feet.
We like Polyester shorts, but hard to find em with pockets, so Nylon is often worn.
We do not find shorts to be a problem because we spray with our backs to the wind as much as possible.

Just wanted to share what we do here in Florida, and interested in what YOU do ?