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Chemical Help

I am the Manager of a company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We aim to treat roofs and paths etc for moss, mold and lichen without high pressure water blasting or using chemicals that damage the surfaces. The chemical we use is made in New Zealand and is very effective it just doesnt foam well or have easy coverage. It seams that your chemicals over there are good at foaming and easy to get good coverage. I was wondering if you would mind maybe sharing a trade secret as to what chemical you use so we can see if our New Zealand chemical company can make it for us or what additive you use that we could maybe add to our current chemical to get this affect. Even if you could just steer me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. If we could find an additive or alternative it would make our job much easier.



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First if you would, tell us what your cleaning solution is made up of chemical ratios and compounds and we will offer you suggestions on foaming agents or surfactants that may be compatible.

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Hi The best I can offer is the MSDS and TECH SHEET Hopefully that has the information you need. I know a little about chemicals and additives but would not claim to be a chemist of any level. This product also has a wetting agent that has been added to the receipe for us but we can get it without also. The wetting agent only speeds up the reaction of the sodium hype(bleach). If this dosn't work I think we might just try the apple sauce but would prefer to find an additive for our current chemical if possible. If you have any further suggestions please let me know. I'm eager to look at other options to make our work easier so it has less physical affect on the body in the long run.

Also one more little you rinse off after using apple sauce or is it an apply and leave product?

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Page 1 of 2Issue Date 14.04.00IDENTIFICATIONProduct Name: Tergo Liquid Bleach U.N. Number: NilTrade Name: Dangerous Goods Class: NilOther Names: & Subsidery Risk:Manufacturers Code: Hazchem Code: NilPoison Schedule: NilUse: Bleach and DisinfectantPhysical Description/Properties:Appearance: Thin, pale yellow liquidBoiling Point/Melting Point (oC): 100!CVapour Pressure (mm of Hg at 25oC): UnknownPer cent Volatiles:Specific Gravity: 1.06Flash Point (oC): NilFlammability Limits (%): NilAutoignition Temperature (oC): NilPlus other properties if applicable:Ingredients:Chemical Entity: Proportion(include all (High 60%)hazardous chemicals) (Medium 10% - 60%)(Low 10%)Contains 4-5% available chlorineHEALTH HAZARD INFORMATIONHealth Effects:Swallowed: Irritating. Possible burns to gastro intestinal tract.Eyes: Capable of causing burns.Skin: Irritating. Possible burns.Inhaled: Irritating.First Aid:Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Dilute with 2 glasses of milk or water and obtain prompt medicalattention.Eyes: Wash with water continuously for at least 15 minutes and obtain medical attention.Skin: Remove contaminated clothing under a shower. Wash with water. If extensive, consult adoctor.Inhaled: Move patient to fresh air. Seek medical attention.



Tergo Liquid Bleach is a clear liquid with a typical pungent chlorine odour. Tergo Liquid Bleach is a versatile 5% sodium hypochlorite product with many uses such as stain removal,kitchen and bathroom

hygiene, toilet hygiene, general disinfecting, mildew and mould removal, and laundry hygiene.

Caution: Do not use on coloured fabrics or mix with other chemicals.


Laundry Machines: to cup per wash load

Toilets, Kitchen and Bathroom: cup per litre of water

Drain Odours: Use undiluted


Tergo Liquid Bleach is packed in 5 litre 20 litre plastic containers and 200 litre drums.

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THIS is your problem.
5 percent bleach roofs is way too weak , you need 12 percent Bleach.
Look at the formula here for Apple Cider or Apple Sauce, it calls for 12 percent bleach, or Sodium Hypochlorite, as it is properly called.

THIS is why your roof cleaning solution is not foaming.
Yu have made a comon mistake Mate, no worries!


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