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Post Info TOPIC: The Master Of Masters !

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The Master Of Masters !

Hey guys, here is a video interview with Larry Hinckley!

He worked for Delco Cleaning Systems for years. They later bacame

Larry Hinckley Ran the first cleaning forum of our Industry.


Larry Hinckley has spent his career working to improve the power washing industry. His designs have helped to make power washers safer, and more efficient, his articles have Larry Hinckley Headshotbeen published in many respected journals, and his seminars have become required training in a lot of companies. Larry is never too busy to answer a question, or demonstrate a concept. He believes that business is about people and knowledge. “Anyone who intends to be successful in this industry has to keep learning. In business, you never stand still. There’s no treading water.”

Larry’s power washing career started with a casual conversation he had with his son in law during the summer of 1984. At the time, he was working 18 hour days for a bottling company in Houston, TX. His son in law made the remark, “I have trouble finding people who are willing to work 8 hours a day. I wish I had a person like you!” Larry jokingly responded, “Don’t make any offers you can’t back up.” One thing led to another, and Larry 1993came to work for Rahsco Manufacturing in August of 1984. Soon, Larry became recognized for his ability to think on his feet and solve problems quickly. Larry says that skill came from the bottling industry, “[In the bottling industry], when you had to make a decision, you had to make a decision! …any hesitation at all and you’ve got thousands of dollars lying on the floor!”

In the last twenty nine years with this company, Larry has been a Field Service Technician, Shop Foreman, Production Manager, Salesman, Purchasing Manager, Senior Technical Advisor, Instructor, Technical Writer, Bulletin board administrator, and General Manager. When asked why he decided to stay, he replied, “It’s a constant challenge! It’s never, ever, boring! … I like a challenge!” The industry and the world changed over time, and presented Larry with plenty of challenges. Larry believes, “The number one difference [in the industry] is the nation has become smaller… In the beginning, there was no internet. Any communication you had with people was by letter, or by telephone… [now] The World Wide Web has opened up and people can literally say good morning to their constituents, their customers, whoever, literally across the world! It’s almost nothing to say good morning to somebody sitting at their desk five to ten thousand miles away!” Larry plans to remain active on the internet after his retirement. “I’ve made too many friends out there to just walk away. It’s really kind of comforting to share personal experiences with many of those friends. I have people that I’ve known for twenty to twenty five years, and I get to say good morning to them every day, and I like that.”

Every great mind has a great mentor. Larry has had many mentors. He says, “If I started naming names … I know I’d leave somebody out, and then I would feel badly about that. But, my brother probably had more to do with who I am today, than anyone on this earth. My father was killed, in WWII, before I was two years old. My brother became the man of the family at three and a half years of age, and he helped, as best he could, to teach me my work ethic. He taught me mechanics. Virtually, almost everything I know, he had some part in teaching me. If I gave on person on this earth credit for who Larry Hinckley is today, [it would be] Gordon Hinckley, his older brother.”

Larry gets a great sense of satisfaction from helping the industry grow. “When I first came into it, there was nobody that you could get information from, because there was no World Wide Web, there were no cell phones. So if you were getting ready to do a job, and you needed information on it, the only way you could get that information was to know somebody, call that person and talk to them on the telephone. So, I guess if I do have any great accomplishments, it would be that fact that I have been able to help so many people through the years.”

Larry’s advice for people new to the industry is to, “Seek education. Do not come in unadvised. Do not try to hunt and peck and guess your way through it. There’s so much information available to you today, that you can save yourself a fortune.” When buying equipment Larry recommends, “Don’t start buying equipment without knowing what you need for what you are going to do.” When it comes to building your business, Larry says, “Don’t just choose one thing that you want to do, and say that’s all I’m going to do. Diversify. Be flexible. Have the ability that if one sector of the industry begins to slow LarryHinckleyTeachingdown, you can just move very comfortably into another sector.” When it comes to continuing education Larry says, “You never know so much, that you don’t need to learn something else. The whole thing is about making money, and anything that is going to add to the bottom line is obviously worth the doing. If you have been in this industry 5 months or 5 years, you can benefit from education.”

Larry is ready for his next chapter. “I’ll soon be seventy, and I’m realistic enough to know that no one lives forever… I’d like to do more of the things that I enjoy doing that I have so little time to do now. I’d like to spend time with my family. I’d like to spend time in my flower beds, in my yard, and cooking. I love to cook! And, I am considering writing a book. It would be a technical manual… Somebody needs to compile a reference book.”


To Larry:

It has been said that “The best preparation for the future is the present well seen to, the last duty done.” You always made time to mentor anyone who sought your help. Your dedication to serving and educating your fellow man has enriched everyone who has had the privilege of knowing you. Your influence will continue to ripple through this industry long into the future. Thank you!



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nice stuff ty


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