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My Highest Recommendations - Please Read

About a 3 years ago, I was bored. I went on Ebay, looking for air diapragm pumps. I do that quite a lot. I lucked into a old,  used, 1 inch Wilden Hastelloy pump with Teflon Diapragms. It was buy it now, and only 400.00!

Guys, that pump once sold for 2995.00! Needless to say, I bought it. It has been on my main truck, works every day, and never been rinsed. It developed pin hole leaks in the output manifold(pressure side). We took it too a welding shop, and they sleeved the manifold, and welded it. Well, it sprung two pretty bad leaks that put us down, when I realized I did not have a backup pump! Out of desperation, I went to Ebay. Gary told me about the Ebay seller he bought his 1 inch ARO Pump from, and son of a bitch, they  had 2 Yamada Kynar 1/2 inch pumps, one for 299.00 and one for 229.00, both Buy It Now. Folks, a 1/2 Yamada Kynar Pump is a 600.00 Pump !!!!!

Both pumps were brand freaking new, but wait. They did not have Teflon, Viton, or Santoprene Diapragms. These pumps had Hytrel Diapragms blankstare

So, I went to the Cole Parmer Web Site, considered the "Bible" of chemical compatability questions. It SAID that Hytrel has an A Rating for Sodium Hypochlorite!!!!!!!

So, naturally I pounced, and bought BOTH of the pumps. One lasted 2 weeks before chlorine started shooting out the exhaust (a sure sign of a blown diapraghm). The other one lasted 9 days, and it did the same shit! 

So, I called Dave from Yamada, and he told me the Bad news. Dave from Yamada told me there are many many different kinds of Hytrel.

The kind of Hytrel Yamada uses is NOT  any good for the chlorine related roof cleaning chemicals! 

Fortunately, the body of these 1/2 inch Yamada Pumps are made out of Kynar, the BEST plastic for roof cleaning use, and could be rebuilt with either Viton, Teflon, or Santoprene diapragms. The problem is, it is not free to have it done.

Because Gary swore what a great person this EBay seller was, I told him of my problems. He COULD have just told me to "get fukked", but to my great surprise, he offered to refund me 200.00, to help get the 2 pumps rebuilt !!!!!!!!!

He did tell me that if I had contacted him before I bought the 2 pumps, he would have caught my mistake.

I am always hesitant to stick my neck out, and suggest one vendor over another (though I have been offered BOTH money and kickbacks, if I were to sell out".

Because of who I am, and what I represent, my "blessing" of a vendor or a roof cleaning product carries considerable weight. 

So, I am not "blessing" this vendor, just reporting my experiences as a person who had a favorable experience with someone who sells on Ebay. 

This vendor had NO freaking idea who I am, what I represent, or my leadership position in the roof cleaning world. All he really knew was he had an unhappy customer, and he freaking bent over backwards, to ease my financial pain.

This Man has EARNED my business, not that I plan to need any pumps anytime soon. I took the pumps over to DEPCO Pumps, across Tampa Bay from me, in Clearwater, Florida. They had one Viton Rebuild kit in stock, for the 1/2 inch Kynar Yamada. 

The people at DEPCO Pumps do Know who I am, so the boss made me a deal. Buy an 18 inch Pizza for the guys in the shop, who basically missed Lunch, to rebuild the one pump.

A new Hastelloy Manifold for the old 1 inch Wilden I own is 1300.00 for JUST the manifold. But I will not let the old girl die. Wilden is looking around for a old stainless steel output manifold (remember, the pump was built in 1987) !

It will last a good while, because it is nearly an inch Thick.

It should take the Chlorine time to gobble up nearly 1 inch stainless steel, LOL




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Glad to see he took good care of you. In my opinion he is one of the BEST vendors on Ebay.



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