We have a lot of very nice Senior Citizens here in the Tampa Florida area.

But, like any group of people, some are nice, and some not so nice.

I got a call from Sun City Center, a big retirement community south of Tampa.

I attempted to quote the guy over the phone, but he insisted I come out and look at his roof!

So, I drove out, and knocked on the door.
A HUGE 75 year old man emerged, and let me know he was an Ex Marine!

I walked around the house, looking at the roof, he followed, and he kept demanding I give him a price!

I told him I needed to see the other side, but he kept insisting I give him a price!
He succeeded in making me angry, and so I told it it would be 300, 400, OR 500.00 dollars!

He got angry too, told me he was a senior on a fixed income, and again asked me what the price would be ?

Again, I told him, 300, 400, OR 500.00 dollars!

He told me NOT to "play games" with him, and I told him I was NOT playing games.

Then, he asked me to make up my mind about the price.
I told him, "Sir, I already have"!
"It is gonna be 300 dollars to clean your roof, 400 IF you watch, and 500 dollars if you watch, and TELL me what to do!" roof cleaning

His face turned red, his fists balled up, and suddenly, a tiny older woman emerged from the house.

"Henry Schroeder, you get your butt in this hose, NOW", she demanded.

I swear, this old guy moved with 4.4 speed.

The Lady shut the door, and came out to talk with me.

She apologized for her husband, and asked me if I was prepared to clean the roof ?
I said I was, and she told me to go ahead, and whatever it costs, it costs.
She said she was familiar with my roof cleaning company, as several friends had used us.

She asked me IF her husband demanded a senior discount ?
I told her that he told me they were seniors on a fixed income.

She said they were on a fixed income, a fixed income of 15.000.00 a month!

While I was up cleaning the roof, old Henry was "getting his azz kicked"

I mean I could hear him PLEADING for mercy, and the old woman tore him a new you know what.

I could hear her say"Henry, we made our money, let the nice young man from Apple Roof Cleaning and his Son make theirs!"

She screamed at him till he promised to "never embarrass her again"

Guy's, I just want to tell you that old Henry Schroeder was a "Man's Man", and I'll bet he was one bad mammyjammer in his day.

But I have observed that as we men get older, women become more and more dominant, and are usually the roof cleaning decision makers.