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Post Info TOPIC: Ammonyx Lo or Lauramine Oxide or Barlox 12 or C1214 , Ammonyx M or Myramistamine Oxide or Ammine Oxide


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Ammonyx Lo or Lauramine Oxide or Barlox 12 or C1214 , Ammonyx M or Myramistamine Oxide or Ammine Oxide

What do these surfactants do? 

These surfactants mostly help to increase the viscosity of the mix, act as wetting agents, allow the SH to remain active unlike many other surfactants, save money by decreasing chemical consumption on a job aned help to 'encapsulate' the off gassing of the chloramine by-product.

What is the result once they are mixed into solution? 

Surfactants help to change the viscosity of the mix.  They are wetting agaents and break the surface tension of the surface that it comes in contact with allowing the chemical to work into the surface rather than sit on top and run off. 

What is the best method to mix? 

Add the surfactant to the tank first then the SH.  The longer the contact time, the better the surfactant performs in the mix.

Does it thicken a mix? 

No....No....No.....It changes the way the mix acts instead of looks...

Can it be used in a house wash recipe? 

Yes, the windows end up sparkling clean!

Can you use it with oxalic acid? 


Can I mix it with other chemicals? 


What are the differences between the following chemicals? 

Ammonyx Lo:  (Stepan Product) Billy Jensen of Home to Office Cleaning and Restoration was the Original Founder of this Money Saving Miracle Chemical.  He asked us, Pressure Washer Products, to carry it for him after he tried NP9 and killed his mix.  Yes, it began right here in Tampa Bay, Florida and grew like wildfire.

Lauramine Oxide:  Generic of Ammonyx Lo

Barlox 12:  (Lonza Product)  Barlox 12 is a cocoamine oxide surfactant. This high foaming surfactant can be used in a broad number of industrial applications where coupling, detergency and compatibility are important.  Amongst Lonza’s amine oxides, Barlox 12 produces the most foam (

Ammonyx M:  (Stepan) or Myrastamine Oxide.  Thickening, foaming agent, foam booster, foam stabilizer, detergency enhancer, antistatic agent. Used for scale-removing liquids, liquid 'soaps' and cleaning foams, hydrochlorite and hydrogen peroxide based products. (

Ammine Oxide:  Amine Oxide is the PRODUCT CLASS FOR AM-LO AND AM-M

Roof Snot:  Amine Oxide or Ammonyx M or Myristamine Oxide generic....Someone is a copy cat!!!

Talon Chlorine Stable Surfactant:  (SiChem) or Aminox C1214 or Lauryl Dimethylamine Oxide

Do I have to use it? 

No, you do not have to use it but it saves you money!

Where can I find it?

You may find these products at Pressure Washer Products or google 'Chemical Suppliers' and your zip code or chemical and your zip code or city and state.  Look for companies such as Brenntag, Univar, Helena, Pilot, Brainerd...the Biggies.  You want as few hands as possible on the chemical.  If you need help, give me a call.

What is the shelf life?

TWO Years.....Yes, I did say.....TWO YEARS



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Just for clarification the talon and roof snot are the same product. Just a funny name given to it instead of talon.


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Great post lori! Yes, the windows do come out sparkling clean when used in house wash mix. Nice breakdown of all the chemiclas and the information to go along with it very helpful.


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Mark Dye


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Hi there can You please help me ? Does Lauramine Oxide on its own help give you more cling to a roof surface ? And how much is needed to be added to your SH ? We in South Africa and most homes are tiled roofs . Would really appreciate your help. Thanking you in advance . Kind regards Peter

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