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Date: Jan 5, 2011
Pretty cool website: Changing minds....

Doing searches on the internet I came up on this web site and it might be useful to boost sales tactics or personal enrichment.

The key word I was looking for as the standards that are being written and what the word credibilty means on different scales, gave some great insight on the true meaning.
But it can also help during a business sales presentation for that big roof cleaning job!


A credible source of information makes for quicker and firmer decisions.

A credible person is expert (experienced, qualified, intelligent, skilled) and trustworthy (honest, fair, unselfish, caring). Charisma can increase credibility. Charismatic people, in addition to credible, are extroverted, composed and sociable.

Credibility is context-dependent, and an expert in one situation may be incompetent in another. It is also a cue that is used in selecting the peripheral route to decision-making.

Credibility-enhancing actions include:

  • Highlighting your own experience and qualifications.
  • Showing you care about the other person and have their best interests at heart.
  • Showing you are similar to them by using their language, body language, dress, etc.
  • Being assertive. Quickly and logically refuting counter-arguments.
  • Leveraging the credibility of others, e.g.
    • Highlighting the credibility of your sources of information.
    • Getting introduced by a credible person.

Language that reduces credibility includes:

  • Ums, ers and other, ah, hesitation.
  • Totally and absolutely excessive exaggeration.
  • Kinds of qualifications that sort of lack assertion, I guess.
  • Politeness, sir, that indicates subordination.
  • I know it is silly to say this, but disclaimers do reduce credibility.

So what?

Using it

Build your credibility before persuading. Understand what builds and destroys it. Protect it like a baby, because once lost it can be impossible to recover. Use it to gain commitment without having to argue your case.


When you are making a big decision, be careful to examine the real credibility of your advisors, including what they stand to gain from your decision.



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Date: Jan 5, 2011

Great post! Convincing your potential customer that you are an expert in your field, is the first step (after the warm up) to a successful presentation.

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Posts: 1486
Date: Jan 5, 2011


In reviewing the website, there are so many things that can apply in day 2 day situations. Things that can help you in business in regards to interacting with people as well as sales tips. I thought it was a really cool find, now I just need time to read through some of them. I paid for a webinar, and still have to listen to it. Where do the days go?
Take Care,
Kim R

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