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Post Info TOPIC: What the Roof Cleaning INSTITUTE is and what it WAS CREATED for


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What the Roof Cleaning INSTITUTE is and what it WAS CREATED for

Food for thought?

FIRST of All....

I /we do not want to target and single out this contractor (see below) as there are others who use a variety of roof cleaning methods from around the world and many work fairly well, FOR THEM, in THEIR OPINION.

This post is written MAINLY to help to clarify why this Roof Cleaning FORUM exists and what WE as members have a responsibility to do here and what we ARE and are NOT promoting here at the ROOF CLEANING INSTITUTE OF AMERICA.

With that being said, Let me make this crystal clear.

Sometimes, in life and on this board CLARITY and DIRECTION are needed to advance and to explain the direction an industry or a business or a roof cleaning board.

As some, most of what I am writing here has NOT been formally said BEFORE now, here is what the ROOF CLEANING INSTITUTE was created to be , to do, and to stand for and to promote.

We have a respected CREDENTIAL called the, ROOF CLEANING INSTITUTE CERTIFIED standard.

We as we are becoming more and more recognized ,each and every day, as the site and the TRUSTED STANDARD for SAFE< NON PRESSURE ROOF CLEANING information that more veteran HOMEOWNERS, PROPERTY MANAGERS, HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS, real estate agents, roof cleaning contractors and roof cleaning start ups are turning to for CORRECT roof cleaning methods and procedures in the CONTRACTOR trades.

Soon we will be THE leading recognized INSTITUTE and Roof Cleaning KNOWLEDGE BASE of HIGHER LEARNING in the Roof Cleaning TRADES by the Roofing Manufacturers as well.

This needs to be written and be discussed by all who are members of this board.

I am writing this lengthy post to educate and to help promote the SAFEST, most effective ways of MINIMIZING GRANULE loss to roof surfaces which enhances longevity AS WELL AS length of CLEAN TIME and service life and to bring to light PROVEN concepts of PROPER SAFE, ROOF CLEANING METHODOLOGY that is CLOSELY aligned with approved methods of cleaning roofing surfaces according to the manufacturers of the roofing materials.

MANY other methods exist and depending on which part of the county you are in, methods and procedures seem to vary widely.

So does a plethora of misinformation and, in some cases, destructive rather then constructive cleaning mindsets.

First of all, as Assistant Administrator of the Roof Cleaning Institute, it is my responsibility to get out CORRECT methods and principles of SAFE Roof Cleaning techniques to those contractors who find this forum and who may be using OTHER methods of cleaning roofs.

Some of the METHODS other contractors promote as a PROVEN safe method may not be the best way, but the way they are used to cleaning roofs over time given LIMITED KNOWLEDGE and much MISINFORMATION out in the contract cleaner pressure washing contractor mindset.

You are correct when you acknowledge that roof cleaning IS not like pressure cleaning.

And as such, NON_PRESSURE SAFE, Roof Cleaning Methods promoted by the RCIA as the PREFERRED methods of cleaning in order to ACHIEVE CERTIFIED status do NOT include scraping, scrubbing, brushes,wire brush methods to remove offending roof stains, streaks, molds, algae or moss.

These methods are NOT PROMOTED by the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America, nor are they promoted by the American Roofing Manufacturers Association or other governing Roofing Materials manufacturers or their governing methods and procedures for SAFE , Asphalt and Fiberglass shingle cleaning methods.   

If you are a contractor that performs pressure cleaning or roof cleaning, WE are not trying to discount or offend you here at the Roof Cleaning Institute.

In fact, we are ACTUALLY trying to HELP you and the long term success of your roof cleaning operations.

But, BEFORE you post here with YOUR KNOWLEDGE, take some time to fill out your signature page and LEARN the ropes of this board, the information and training we offer, mostly at little to no cost at this time and what we TEACH here.

You owe it to yourself AND others who are NEW to THIS forum, to do them and yourself justice and LEARN from this board?

Some of the information you and others post here may be RIGHT for YOU, but may not be in the best interest of all who seek to be led to the BEST possible roof cleaning methods and procedures known to the roof cleaning industry at this time.

For  instance, I am sure I speak for some or most of the other RCIA members when I say we do appreciate what you bring to the table,, Roof Cleaning Portland OR.

When I reference you,, I use you as an example because of your RECENT POST. I hope yo take this as constructive criticism...No offense is meant.

Please, however, take some time and really deeply read and digest what we (almost 500 members) mostly know....

That there that there are OTHER ways of cleaning a roof that do NOT require the scrubbing or wire brush methods.

Your way may work FOR YOU but, please keep in mind that there ARE other roof cleaning methods and ways that can avoid additional MASSIVE granule loss caused by scraping , wire brushing or snow shovel removal methods.

A couple pictures you presented show BOTH what the damage can be done by a homeowner allowing a roof to get into the dilapidated and unkempt condition as seen in the BEFORE pictures you presented.

Also, you can readily see the condition of the roof and the advanced granule loss that occurred after "the" method of roof cleaning?

If you say your methods do not promote additional granule loss then you are only convincing yourself as ANY AGGRESSIVE removal method will severely SHORTEN any SHINGLE roofs lifespan and waterproof barrier qualities and will VOID roofing manufacturer WARRANTIES.

I have discussed this on the phone with you and I offered you valuable information to PROMOTE and market your business in your area.

As a favor to yourself, You may want to TRY to see others viewpoints and perspectives and roof cleaning methods based on MANY contractors across the USA doing roof cleaning the NON-PRESSURE way without scrubbing which is the method we teach here.

There are a LOT of roof cleaners that do clean with LOW PRESSURE and use a PROVEN system that has been developed over MANY years.

We do not sell the roof cleaning chemicals nor have a vested interest in you doing it the "RCIA Way" except to SEE that homeowners and property managers get the very best , safest , most reliable roof cleaning methods and procedures that will BENEFIT them and their properties best.


If this information is tough to accept for some, so be it. For MOST, it will serve as a VALID REMINDER as to why the ROOF CLEANING INSTITUTE OF AMERICA was first created.

The Roof Cleaning Institute was created to:

"Bring knowledge and Contractors together to provide, share and discuss best methods, procedures, and practices for SAFE roof cleaning in the Contractor trades."


David W-Assistant Admin. RCIA


roof cleaning oregon wrote:

no such thing as low pressure power washing, its just a way for guys to pressure wash on your roof and take the easy way out.  Yes your roof will look clean after a pressure wash but you will lose 5-10 years of life and granuals from your composition roof.  I agree that pressure washing on cedar and tile roofs is a great way and maybe the only way to do it but when you want your composition (shingle) roof clean dont pressure wash!  I have developed a system over many years which is a pressure washing alternative and works great!  Other roof cleaners dont like to do it because its hard work, the body is doing most of the work instead of a pressure washing machine but there are many advantages to the brushing method.  Call and Ill tell you about them. "


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A good reminder Dave, Thank you.


Mark Poole



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confuse  As always Dave, a good post & something not to forget !

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Nothing else to say



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good post



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It is simple Dave :you can lead a horse to water but you cat make him drink!!!


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As always Dave,Excellent Post... clap.gif

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Am I missing some tab as I want to know how to get certified but have not found that info, can someone point me to how to accomplish this please?

Many thanks also for all the great info on this forum,



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Good work Dave on the post!


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