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Post Info TOPIC: Roof Leaks : Points to consider, things to keep in mind, contract verbage


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Roof Leaks : Points to consider, things to keep in mind, contract verbage

Re: Roof or SYKLIGHT Leaks


Points to consider:

1.If it is already leaking or if their is a POTENTIAL problem you need to know.

When possible on older or questionable roofs that are in disrepair have a digital camera with a High Resolution and a memory card that will hold all your job images.

Walk the roof and take photos of flashings, nails that have worked their way loose or Vents or Skylights that the mastic or roofing adhesive that has become separated or visibly unseated or sealed. It's best to document any unusual activity on the roofing system that looks suspicious, BEFORE, not AFTER there is a claim.

After each estimate or at the end of the day, if you do not have a laptop with a large capacity hard drive, capture your images and tag them with the customer job number or name, or estimate number for easy reference later.

Use a photo catalog program like Photoshop Elements. The software program for editing and cataloging photos does not to expensive. It just needs to do the job well.

2.Some roofs and skylights have been leaking and the H.O. may just want to stick someone else with the responsibility of paying for the repair....that could be you

I have been in that situation just a couple of times unfortunately, and it BLOWS, big-time. The customer (H.O.) says, you (Your Company) made my roof leak, your chemical did it or you used too much pressure and it caused me damage. This happens to the best of us rarely, but it does occur.

If you do not have PROOF that there was a situation withregard to water damage ora leak that was occurring BEFORE you performed any work, even if the H.O. conveniently did not make you aware of it. You will most likely be held liable in a court of law, if you are challenged. And if the H.O. goes after your LIABILITY insurance, your rates can increase, and, WORSE, if you have too many claims or too many payouts you may be CANCELLED altogether so be VERY careful on the front end so that on the back end, should anything ever occur you ARE covered. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.

3. If you do find previous leak or water damage or even potential activity let the customer know FIRST, before the work is performed, not after.

Use the pictures to prove your claim and have a backup solution for the repair so you keep the job and you are not giving hours of your time away each week walking roofs and basically giving repair awareness i.e. your expertise away for free.

Set up a meeting with a few trusted roofers in your area. Meet with them and discuss what they charge for repairs. Be specific, and make sure to get average repair rates for flashing repairs, resealing roof vents (per vent).

Get the numbers in writing. Find the BEST roofer that will work with you to fix the repairs needed. Find out how fast they will come to your aid to repair problem roofs so you can get to work yourself and get paid for the cleaning job.

4. Always have a BACKDOOR CLAUSE in your Estimates and Cleaning Contracts.

State that if their is a prior roof leak that you have not been made aware of and if their is a leak that does occur, that you have the right to Challenge the H.O. claims and have an expert come in to "Date" the roof leak. That way, you may be able to prove the leaking occurred before you started your cleaning if you are ever challenged.

A back door clause states that even if you have contracted to do a job and you find that you feel the situation or surface or circumstance to warrant you backing out and not doing the job, that you cannot be held liable.

If you do write up any "fine print" like some of the points I mentioned into any contract, be SURE to run it by an attorney to see if it is written legally and will hold up in your state if you ever have a problem and you need to refer to the CLAUSES in your contract or agreements with H.O's to protect yourself and your business.

These suggestions are just some of the many things I have done and do to protect myself and my business interests, but, the laws in your area and state my differ from mine so always check with a competent attorney in your local area when dealing with contract verbiage and business jargon to ACCURATELY protect you OWN unique situation.

Finally, here is an example (BELOW) of using Business Jargon and legal-ease to protect your business and personal interests.

Disclaimer: Roof Clean USA will not be held liable for ANY advice, suggestions or techniques given here on this FORUM, the Roof Cleaning Institute of America (RCIA for short). The information given here and on any and all other posts prior to this one is FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Do your own research and act on your own business acumen and reference competent legal council before proceeding with any of the information given here is for reference only.

Here you see me adding a protection clause. Adding the proper legal-ease is a valuable resource to learn and use.

I hope this helps some of you to better understand the need for and value of having your business and protective LLC or Corp. in place, and all documents and business procedures in place BEFORE an OCCURENCE, not AFTER.

I give all this information to you to better protect what matters most you, your family and business.

I hope this helps some of you, if it DOES, please Pay It FORWARD!

Wishing the Best for you and your Growing Business!


David W. - RC_USA

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You are so right David, I have been in business for 30 plus years and there are people out there that think that if you work on their house , you are their maintainance man forever. I was involved in a lawsute . We had installed gutter on a home two years ago when the Home Owner informed my salesman that the gutters had gotten dirty. Not the inside the white outside and that I should come to her house and clean them. she claimed thay my salesman did not inform her that the gutter would get dirty. The customer wrote the attorny general and told him of the company that withheld info. from her, so that she could make an informed decision on weather to buy new gutters or not. I informed him that I didn't hold back any information, that it is impossible to hold back commom sence. To make a long story short, a few thousand dollars later I won the civil case against my co. The judge explained to the customer that he had just bought a new car and the salesman did not tell him to clean it either. This was a $700. gutter job. My dad told me to never start a fight but, make sure I finished it. He was a hard headed Irishman. Never let your guard down belive me their out their.


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